not quite morning glory

the knitting hasn’t been so exciting lately. the socks are on hold until smaller needles arrive. mystery stole hasn’t been tempting me. and i’ve decided i absolutely love working on morning glory so much – the pattern is fun and slightly challenging while still allowing for t.v. viewing and the yarn is wonderfully soft – that i’m dreading actually finishing it. so i’m putting it off – making morning glory my ‘reward’ knitting. which means i’ve been working on this:


i’m probably about halfway or so on my everlasting bagstopper. i thought i might have a bit of the problem with the yarn – it’s 100% hemp and a bit rough. (i understand it softens once washed.) however, the yarn really hasn’t been much of a problem. it’s a nice lacy patterns which opens up rather nicely…so, given my fondness for lace you wouldn’t think that would be a problem…


…except it’s so incredibly boring! the pattern is only 2 very simple rows. and i’m bored out of my mind when i work on it. i find stockinette stitch more entertaining. or at least more relaxing. i usually can only stand about 2 rows in a sitting, which means it’s going incredibly slowly. at least there’s still morning glory, tempting as a reward…