stash enhancing

it’s been so long since i had the opportunity to take photos during the day, in natural light, that i had forgotten how much better they are. fortunately, i have the week off between christmas and new year’s (yea!) so i was able to snap some daytime shots.

even the notoriously hard to photograph red seemed to come out pretty accurately.

classic elite 150
classic elite classic one fifty #7255

i didn’t have to fuss with flash and none of my pictures were (too) blurry.

ecological wool
cascade ecological wool #8087

although this laceweight is really a bit greener in reality. i did fuss with it a little in photoshop and i think the color is a bit better than the original pic, but still not perfect.

claudia hand painted laceweight
claudia hand painted silk lace, navy olive

the yarns are all the result of a recent trip to my newest lys, yarnia yarn shop and cafe. i’ve been there before; i bought the yarn for my dad’s hat there. it’s a cute little shop overflowing with yarn – it can be hard to tell what all’s actually there. but the owner is very friendly and talkative. unfortunately she also carries laceweights. 100% silk laceweights. i entered with the intention of being good – only buying yarn for two projects i desperately need – gloves and a new knitting bag. but then i saw the claudia hand painted and…well…opps.

i also now, finally, own a ball winder and swift (no pictures…yet). fortunately for my yarn budget, these were chirstmas gifts. i have yet to try them out, as all my (too many) projects currently underway already have yarn in ball form. however, soon i’m sure…


holiday cheer

just in time for christmas!

pattern: everlasting bagstopper (summer 2007 knitty)
yarn: hemp for knitting allhemp6
needles: us 10 (6.0 mm) and 4 (3.5 mm), circular
mods: none really – although i opted to use the leftover yarn to create a heavy braided handle rather than purchase ribbons or handles

thus, my unbelievably dull project is finished and can be put to good use!

merry christmas and happy holidays to all!


technically, it won’t even be winter until the 21st, but we’re already on our 3rd snow storm of the year. which seems like more than usual for this early in december, but i could be wrong.

of course, this makes it perfect knitting weather. and i had such good intentions. irtfa’a is so pretty. and such a lovely knit. the yarn is wonderful. once my dad’s hat was finished, it was to be the only knit i was working on. so of course, i started another sweater. faithfulness to one project is clearly a problem…


i’m not sure i like it. i like the pattern – leavend raglan from the fall 2007 interweave knits. it’s quick and easy – i’m using us17 (12.75 mm) needles, so there’s a grand total of 36 stitches cast on for the back. i like the yarns – i’m using cascade 220 superwash and rowan kidsilk aura held together (the original intention was, based on information from rowan’s website, to use just the kidsilk aura. when it arrived and i swatched, i realized this was not going to work. thus the two yarns.) however….i don’t think it’s quite long enough – largely because i’m not quite on gauge. this is solvable, if i’m willing to frog. as it’s a quick knit, i probably am. the other problem is not solvable – i should have realized that black doesn’t really show up the pattern all that well. opps. live and learn. so while i ponder this self-inflicted perdicament, it’s back to irtfa’a. maybe i can sill get it finished by the new year…

slowly, slowly

it’s warmed up a bit and all that pretty snow from the other day is mostly gone. sigh. but that’s typical for december around here – it often snows one day and melts the next. fingers are crossed for a white christmas though!

although the wintery weather is a perfect inspiration for knitting, i feel like i haven’t gotten very far on irtfa’a

a corner of the shawl

a closeup of the center panel

i still have 11 more rows of the shoulder drop section, which i’m hoping to finish yet tonight. but that only puts me a short way into the shawl. not that i’m complaining! like all of anne’s patterns i’ve tried before, it’s an interesting knit. and the yarn is wonderful – a squishy and soft merino. i almost can’t believe it’s laceweight.