progress on knitting has been sparse this past week – i’m not sure why; i had way more free time than the previous week. i think it’s because i’m on a deadline to finish these socks which just makes me want to work on other things, but i’m not letting myself work on those other things. fortunately, i only have about 1/2 a sock left!


of course the other reason progress could seem agonizingly slow – i think i’ve ripped more than i’ve knit lately. even on these simple socks – just in trying to make sure they will fit my mom without being too loose – first the heel was too long, then the foot was too long. part of my problem is i didn’t quite get gauge, so i’ve had to fiddle with them a bit. my deadline is tuesday night. i think i can make it…i hope!

as for today’s bit of procrastination – out to the woods:

Wilderness Center 071028

one nice bit about the corner of ohio i’m in is that it never takes too long to get away from cities and suberban sprawl (if you want to) and find trees and farms. and i don’t mean a gigantic corporate farm – i mean the old fashioned, family farm – perhaps even where genuine horse power is still employed. not too far from the trees in this picture are amish farms, well off the beaten path of the tourist trade. it’s always fun to take a fall sunday afternoon trip on the backroads in this area – to see the landscapes of farms and autumnal trees, occasionally meeting with a buggy or coming across a one-room school house. but i can’t stand trying to make it through the tourist traps of holmes county where one stop light towns have continual rush-hour type madness! the road less traveled for me!

fall flowers?

i can’t believe how long it’s been since i posted anything here! life’s been a little crazy lately – we had a major deadline at work last week and i ended up working 12 days straight! (and we shan’t say how many hours we were working in those days – it’s just too depressing.) so i’ve been a little behind. on blogging. on reading blogs. on knitting. on photographing my knitting.

however, this doesn’t mean that absolutely no knitting happened – i still had my lunch breaks.


somehow, amazingly, i managed to get the first half of morning glory finished! i can’t believe how fast it knits. the pattern (yo’s, decreases) is on both right- and wrong-side rows, so i thought it might get a little tricky or that i would be poor t.v. knitting, but it’s gone amazingly well. and the yarn, wistful, an alpaca-merino-silk blend, is an absolute dream to knit with. it is so unbelievably soft and smooth – i know i’m going to miss this project when it’s done.

a close-up of the morning glory pattern

at least i still have a whole half left!

among other miscellany – poking around other blogs, i realized i’ve neglected to mention that i’m on ravelry – as alittlefuzzy, of course. terribly dangerous, that place is, but oh-so-useful for the list-inclined.