finished…and yet to come


  • pattern: monkey
  • yarn: maizy, 1001 nightshades
  • needles: us 0 & 1 (2.00mm & 2.25mm)
  • mods: for a better fit – and since i’m not quite on gauge – i knit the ribbed cuff on size 1 us (2.25mm), then changed to 0 (2.00mm), and after 2 pattern repeats, i decreased by 8 sts around (taking out of the pearl bits)

i made it! the socks were finished at lunch on tuesday and gifted at dinner that night. nothing like cutting it close. (par for the course with me!) i think my mom likes them. she should – she picked out the yarn. so now it’s on to new and exciting ventures. ok, so at the moment that mostly means finishing up WIP’s. however, something very exciting arrived in the mail today…

(the picture’s a little washed out, but i think is about the closest on the colors.)

last friday evening – EST – i ordered 3 cones – the two dark pink are 100% silk and the blue is 65/35% cashmere and silk – from colourmart. out of england. they arrived here – in ne ohio, today, friday. a week later. with a whole weekend in there. i can’t believe anything ships that fast – and gets through customs, even (even if it is labeled ‘yarn’).

of course, now the problem is, i have to decided what to use these for. they’re very fine laceweight, at over 2000 yards apiece. i’ve been looking at a few patterns from victorian lace today, and i think i have several possibilities…decisions, decisions!