Hat, Completed

It’s been a few weeks since I cast off this hat.


I wore it once, tucking the ends under it before I decided I really should weave them in a bit. Another wear and it was blocked. It’s been a warm winter; I suppose I haven’t been in any hurry.


Pattern: Monkey Bread Hat by Anne Hanson (Knitspot)
Yarn: Great Northern Yarns 70% Mink 30% cashmere yarn
Needle: US 4 & 7 (3.5 & 4.5 mm)
Modifications: none
Size: L. After knitting about half of a S. There’s been a lot of re-knitting this winter. And after wearing it once, I think I actually need a M, which isn’t an option, of course. Unless there’s some way to make half of a cable…

The mink-cashmere is absolutely lovely—lovely to knit with, lovely to pet, a lovely bloom on blocking (or ripping and reknitting and ripping and reknitting—let’s just say we’ve had some gauge issues, shall we?)—and terribly warm. Terribly. The one truly cold day this winter of course also had snow AND of course I had to go out, which meant shoveling the drive while the temperature was about 5 F. Maybe less. I ended up taking the hat off, I was so warm. I have high hopes that the mittens (when eventually finished) will be the first pair I’ve owned that actually keep my hands warm….

There were a couple knots in the yarn, but it breaks so easily (I haven’t had to cut it at all) that I’m not surprised. I’m only ticked at myself that I didn’t remember to use a Russian join before  I finished the hat.

Oh, did you want to see my hat modeling assistant?


3 thoughts on “Hat, Completed

  1. I do like the shape of that hat, and the color you’ve knit it in. I might have to think about mink next time we have a real winter…I’m always cold!

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