It seems oddly “appropriate” to post these today; we hit a record high of 67° F.


Pattern: Snapdragon Flip-Tops by Ysolda Teague

Yarn: Great Northern Yarns 70% Mink 30% Cashmere Yarn (Sunset Red colorway)

Needle: US 3 (3.25 mm) – despite supposedly being the same gauge as the Monkey Bread Hat I knit with this same yarn, using the same needle size didn’t work. Whether due to my own gauge issue, pattern error, wrists that are too narrow, or the fact that the ribbing doesn’t really pull in with this yarn, I don’t know.

Modifications: A lot! I doubled the length of the ribbing at the cuff. The thumb as written didn’t really work for me, so I added a gusset. I also doubled the number of stitches in the cast on around the thumb opening, and picked up more accordingly. (And then decreased accordingly.) I decreased more sharply at the end for a more rounded look and omitted the button and I-cord loop closure. But despite appearances up above, these are still flip-tops! (More details on mods on my Ravelry page.)

Additional thoughts: I figure by the time I worked out all my modifications, I knit these at least two, maybe three times! None of the modifications are the fault of the pattern, just my own eccentricities. I imagine the thumb as written works better for some hands than others. The pattern itself is well-written, with a good chart and a clear diagram for picking up the stitches for the flip-top–although, the yarn is so fuzzy, I had to thread a contrasting thread through the line for the pick-up so I could see what I was doing.

And have I mentioned, I LOVE this yarn! So soft, so fuzzy. It seemed to hold up to my continual ripping (it just made it fuzzier faster–which would have happened at the first washing anyway). As Murphy’s law would have it, after the breaks in the yarn when working on the hat (which otherwise could have been knit with a continuous strand), there were none in the skein I used for the mittens, when I had plenty of stop and snips and restarts as natural course. Go figure! I still need a scarf to complete the set, but with the coming spring, I think I’ll break for now to return to some other WIPs and come back later.


One thought on “Mittens!

  1. Isn’t it funny how spring shows up just as we’re finishing knitting warm things? (Though I suppose to some degree I’m always knitting warm things…)

    Hope you enjoyed the warm weather, anyway! Those mittens will be a wonderful thing to look forward to in the fall.

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