Finished Object: Rock Island

As I try to get back into the swing of things blog- and knitting-wise, it seemed the easiest first thing to do would be provide some updates on projects previously featured. First (and best) up, the one project I managed to finish last year (2013), Rock Island.

Rock Island Blocking

The obligatory blocking photo. I hadn’t realized ’til I went to block that the top edge isn’t actually straight across.

Finished Rock Island

I always love how delicately lace shawls block out. They can feel so lightweight afterwards, that I almost feel as if they’ve shed pounds in the bath.

Finished Rock Island

Finished Rock Island

Rock Island Closeup

Rock Island Closeup

I did love knitting this. The pattern was a simple repeat, but delicate enough–and at a loose enough gauge–that attention still had to be paid to the knitting. The yarn, which I believe is no longer available, sadly, was a joy to knit with. And as usual for me, the biggest hurdle to a finished object was weaving in the ends–it’s not that I mind the actual weaving in so much, but where do you put them in a delicate lace?!

Pattern: Rock Island by Jared Flood
Yarn: Fibre-Isle Niji [Ravelry link]: a lace / 2 ply of 70% bamboo, 15% bison, 15% cashmere
Needle: US 3 (3 25 mm)


Long Time, No Write

So…’s been a while. And I’m afraid to say the knitting was waning. Other interest beckoned. I was starting to think that perhaps knitting was no longer a strong interest for me. But then, this:


Not one, but two finished shawls within about a week of each other. Sure, the ends need woven in, and blocking is very much wanting, but two finished shawls nonetheless. And now I’ve been swatching and planning and sketching and playing with yarn–I think I’m back!