Some Christmas Crafting

I didn’t mean to let two weeks get away from me there, but…nope, can’t blame work, can’t blame the Thanksgiving holiday–I have to blame the library book! That’s okay, I’m always happy when a book is so enjoyable it overtakes my free time. But now back on track.

The knitting has been slow lately. We had a sharp cold spell + early heavyish snow (for not being in a lake-effect zone) that reminded me that I need to finish up a scarf/cowl thing I’ve been working on forever. However, that’s all I managed to do with it–remember. I keep poking away at my les Abeilles, but it’s really been the non-knitting that’s calling to me.


I’ve had this cross-stitch snowman in progress for years. (In fact it was part of my 2013 goals to finish. Fail. Also, the 2013 picture was better.) Finally, I find myself picking it up as my current go-to. So this little snowman’s to blame for the current knitting stall. It’s been the perfect companion for the continuing ed I’ve had to finish up by the end of the year. And for TV watching. I finally feel like I’ve made some real progress and maybe I might actually finish–well not this year, but maybe in 2015. I do need that scarf though.

And then there’s the super-fun, super-easy project I did on Friday.


Just some empty jars, add some Epsom salt for snow and some trees and mini gifts from the local craft store. I think I spent more time in line at the store than it took to put them together! The idea isn’t mine; I saw it HERE by way of one of the book blogs I read (pity I didn’t have nice antique jars like hers to use). Now I feel like I just need a Rudolph and the scene’s complete. I don’t usually do much specifically for Christmas, but these were too fun and easy to pass up. And uh-oh, I have one other project for the holidays that I might try to get to. I won’t actually need that scarf soon will I?

Finished, Boxleaf Shawl

Boxleaf Shawl overallBoxleaf Shawl tail detail Boxleaf Shawl join detail Boxleaf Shawl closeupPattern: Boxleaf Triangle by Anne Hanson (Ravelry)
Yarn: Brooklyn Handspun Soft Spun Plus, Colorway “Winter Wind,” (1) skeinNeedles: US5/ 3.75mm

I started this shawl back in February during the Sochi Olympics, and by the time I finally wove in the last end and remembered that I should actually block it for use, it was August. I have a problem remembering to block lace, it seems! Boxleaf proved the perfect TV knitting–not so complex that I couldn’t follow a show (or Olympic event as the case might be), but with just enough interest I didn’t get bored. I knit the “mini” size, but added one pattern repeat to maximize yarn usage. Actually the way the pattern is designed, sizing is practically irrelevant as the top edge and the body are knit at the same time and it has no special outer border–just knit as many repeats as you like. My one-skein version makes the perfect neck shawl to keep my shoulders from getting too cold on a chilly day.

Of course, now that I look this post over, I’m wondering why I didn’t get any closeups of the top edge–it’s a lovely little leaf that you can’t quite make out in my pictures. Sigh. Something to fix another day…