Home again, home again

All things considered, I believe the past week was a successful vacation.

Well, mostly.

I chased after birds…

DSCN7417 Gulls

Squished my toes in the sand…

DSCN7421 Sand

Walked the beach…

DSCN7341 Beach

…a lot…

DSCN7629 Beach2

Enjoyed the sounds of the surf…

DSCN7351 Surf

And stalked the elusive sunrise.

DSCN7668 Sunrise

(No really, it is elusive. It took five days before we had one without clouds at the horizon.)

However, I did very little knitting—just a few rows on Evenstar. I’m not really surprised—we were at the beach after all. Although, I would have expected to have done more knitting while I was watching TV in the evenings, but I was simply too tired. Vacationing is hard work!

In other knitting news, I finished the third chart of Crocus before we left. I’m still enjoying this pattern, and would have taken it with me, except for one small little detail: I’m running out of yarn.


This is my own fault, of course: I failed to check my gauge. Not that the gauge really matters in lace, and I do like the fabric my present gauge produces, but in this instance a failure to look at gauge more closely at the start of the project (I just kind of eyeballed it as I knit the first few repeats), means I’m going to be short on yarn, I’m guessing by 16 rows or so. Ouch.

I have a few ideas of what I can do to remedy this. The easiest is to get more yarn—if I can find any that matches. Fortunately, this coming weekend is the Great Lakes Fiber Show, which is where I purchased the yarn a year ago. The same vendor (Knitting Notions) is supposed to be there, so I’m planning on taking the shawl with me to see if I can find a match. If not, I have a few other ideas, but I’m hoping this works. Regardless, I’m really looking forward to the weekend, even if my stash doesn’t need the enhancement…


back soon

It’s not even officially summer yet, but I’m heading off on vacation tomorrow! I’m not excited or anything; I’ve only had a countdown on for, oh, nine weeks or so. The only down side is that I’m pretty sure I will be without Internet access for a week, but, honestly, other than the nightmarish backlog of blog entries to read when I get back, I don’t really think that’s a problem. After all, I’ll be at the beach! I’ll have knitting! And reading! I won’t have to think about work at all! No, not really seeing anything to be upset about.

I don’t know how much knitting I’ll actually get finished – it’s the beach after all (although, given my habit of turning bright red if I so much as look at midday sun, I won’t exactly be sunbathing), but I’m taking two projects with me anyway. Or maybe three. I haven’t completely made up my mind yet. Crocus is staying at home for sure, and Evenstar and Lewrick Lace are going for sure. Aeolian, however, might make a reappearance. I’ll have to see if it fits in my suitcase. Hopefully I’ll have some new progress to share when I get back.

Have a great weekend!