warmth for a winter weekend

it is supposed to be cold here this weekend. really cold. like highs in the teens (-7 to – 11 C.) and nighttime temperatures even colder. fortunately, i don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow, and i’m a knitter. which means i have nice warm wool socks. namely, nice warm just off the needles – finally – rococo.

Rococo Complete
pattern: rococo socks by anne hanson
yarn: fearless fibers superwash merino wool, smoke colorway
needles: us 00 (1.75 mm), us 0 (2.0 mm), us 1 (2.25 mm)

this would be the pair where sock 1 was finished in august, sock 2 was ignored until finally i cast on in the late fall and my gauge was completely different, so it got set aside again. but i ordered smaller needles, cast on over the holidays and, after a glove-induced delay finally have a finished pair!

of course, i like the august photo better than the finished pic:


it seems to show the pattern better. however, as the days get longer – and eventually they might even get warmer(!) we’ll have better photo weather again.

i did enjoy knitting these – despite the big gap. they were my first toe-up socks and i think i’m a convert – they fit the best of any socks i’ve made for myself. it seems like it’s easier for me to decide to start the heel at the right spot (toe-up) than the toe at the right spot (cuff down).

now…which of my remaining unfinished projects to work on next…?


gauge, i think we have a problem

about a week ago, i finally got around to the second sock of my rococo pair. everything seemed to be going fine.


until i pulled out the finished first.


and took a really close look.

(original sock on top. size difference highlighted for clarity.)

if it isn’t bad enough that i knit loosely to begin with – my gauge seems to have become looser since the first sock was finished! i was already using a us 0 (2.00mm). so now it looks like i’ll have to find some smaller needles. consequently, rococo is on hold again and i’ve had to turn to other knitting.

DSCN1672-Clue 2

finally, finally, i’m through the second clue of this past summer’s mystery stole. that only took how many months! of course, now i have the advantage of knowing what the finished design looks like. it seems to move really slowly – there’s 99 stitches per row and it’s knit on tiny (2.00mm) needles. however, it’s becoming more enjoyable. and it’s helping control my desire to cast on for every lace project i see. at the moment!

finished…and yet to come


  • pattern: monkey
  • yarn: maizy, 1001 nightshades
  • needles: us 0 & 1 (2.00mm & 2.25mm)
  • mods: for a better fit – and since i’m not quite on gauge – i knit the ribbed cuff on size 1 us (2.25mm), then changed to 0 (2.00mm), and after 2 pattern repeats, i decreased by 8 sts around (taking out of the pearl bits)

i made it! the socks were finished at lunch on tuesday and gifted at dinner that night. nothing like cutting it close. (par for the course with me!) i think my mom likes them. she should – she picked out the yarn. so now it’s on to new and exciting ventures. ok, so at the moment that mostly means finishing up WIP’s. however, something very exciting arrived in the mail today…

(the picture’s a little washed out, but i think is about the closest on the colors.)

last friday evening – EST – i ordered 3 cones – the two dark pink are 100% silk and the blue is 65/35% cashmere and silk – from colourmart. out of england. they arrived here – in ne ohio, today, friday. a week later. with a whole weekend in there. i can’t believe anything ships that fast – and gets through customs, even (even if it is labeled ‘yarn’).

of course, now the problem is, i have to decided what to use these for. they’re very fine laceweight, at over 2000 yards apiece. i’ve been looking at a few patterns from victorian lace today, and i think i have several possibilities…decisions, decisions!


progress on knitting has been sparse this past week – i’m not sure why; i had way more free time than the previous week. i think it’s because i’m on a deadline to finish these socks which just makes me want to work on other things, but i’m not letting myself work on those other things. fortunately, i only have about 1/2 a sock left!


of course the other reason progress could seem agonizingly slow – i think i’ve ripped more than i’ve knit lately. even on these simple socks – just in trying to make sure they will fit my mom without being too loose – first the heel was too long, then the foot was too long. part of my problem is i didn’t quite get gauge, so i’ve had to fiddle with them a bit. my deadline is tuesday night. i think i can make it…i hope!

as for today’s bit of procrastination – out to the woods:

Wilderness Center 071028

one nice bit about the corner of ohio i’m in is that it never takes too long to get away from cities and suberban sprawl (if you want to) and find trees and farms. and i don’t mean a gigantic corporate farm – i mean the old fashioned, family farm – perhaps even where genuine horse power is still employed. not too far from the trees in this picture are amish farms, well off the beaten path of the tourist trade. it’s always fun to take a fall sunday afternoon trip on the backroads in this area – to see the landscapes of farms and autumnal trees, occasionally meeting with a buggy or coming across a one-room school house. but i can’t stand trying to make it through the tourist traps of holmes county where one stop light towns have continual rush-hour type madness! the road less traveled for me!