First Snow

You can probably tell I’m from the northern US if I say that it doesn’t feel like it can possibly be time for Christmas if we haven’t had any snow yet. Granted, we don’t usually have an actual “White Christmas,” but there’s usually been at least a little snowfall in the weeks leading up to December 25th.

But this year we’ve seen nothing. Further west, further north, further east (even further south) they’ve had snow, but not us. Not until today. Now it finally feels like the holiday season!

Of course, to be fair, I’m not really ready for cold snowy weather this year. So it’s been fortunate that there’s been a delay. My gloves finally wore out on me at the end of last season, and the coat I bought last year desperately needs a hat to go with it. I mentioned previously that I was going to knit up a complete winter set, but so far, this is all the further I’ve gotten:


I guess it’s good that it’s a cold snowy day—the perfect excuse to curl up in a comfy chair and knit!

Spring Snow

So…..I dropped off the blog for a while there. I’d blame it on overtime and that really big really pink shawl that didn’t allow for much other knitting, and well really there’s only so much you can say about a giant pink shawl, but the truth is – I’ve just plain been lazy. Pure and simple. Really must try to work on that!

In the meantime – spring has happened! (Warning! Photo heavy post!)



Bloodroot – open

Tete-a-tete Daffodils


But more importantly, the giant pink snow shawl is complete! (Enormous, really – the largest lace project I’ve undertaken–of course if I hadn’t gone UP half a needle size after getting gauge, things would have been a bit better…but I like it this size…I think.)

Of course, if you read Anne‘s website, you know this already. I finished Sunday night, we blocked Monday, and yesterday she got her pictures and released the pattern. It took me an extra day to get sunny pictures (darn work!) but I now present my test knit of Anne’s Whispering Pines shawl:








Details at Ravelry. And many more pictures over at Anne’s.

the view from my window

we got a little snow this weekend. (that’s a window screen impeding the clearness of the view)


fortunately, we didn’t get quite so much that it’s piled up to my window – there’s a ledge just outside the window that the snow drifted up on. however, we did get a good 15″ (~38 cm) plus drifts. also fortunately, i didn’t have to go anywhere this weekend – not even work!


and now the sun’s out, the snow has stopped, and the birds have reappeared.


and i finally remembered to photograph my recent stash acquisitions, in daylight!

brown sheep wildfoote luxury sock, colorway SY-05 black orchid

mountain colors bearfoot, colorway deep blue

dream in color smooshy, colorway november muse

brooklyn handspun soft spun plus, colorway winter wind

panda wool, colorway jet black (although it looks more like a dark navy)

maizy, colorway ivory

all were purchased at my two local yarns stores, guilt-free thanks to recent overtime! (there is a benefit…) now i just need to find the time to actually use these…

a little snow

well, i forgot to take pictures of my new stash additions over the weekend – when it was actually sunny! so much gloomy weather, i’d think it would be easy to remember to take advantage of the sun.

of course, this also means i don’t have any daylight pictures of my latest knitting. i have abandoned all wip’s (poor souls) in favor of a new project (no surprise). this is none other than the triangular version of anne’s snow shawl. she seems to think i’m doing her a favor by test knitting for her – but this is way too much fun to be a favor!


anne generously passed on the yarn, sweet lace, cranapple colorway, which is the alternate colorway for the square shawl as well. although it’s about the time of year i’m completely sick of snow, the color makes this so cheerful. it appears deceptively solid in skein, but the knitting reveals it to have subtle variations.


i think this last is my favorite picture. the color isn’t quite true (the first two are better), but you can see the “blizzard” section i’m currently working on so much better. and the “blizzard” happens to be terribly fun to knit!


i took this with me to an open house celebrating anne’s pattern in the spring interweave, and i think i may have to watch my back now…rumor has it, anne wants it for herself…good thing i’m a process knitter!