finally finished!

I’m almost ashamed to admit what a bad blogger I’ve been–I’ve had my Braided Pullover finished for nearly (over?) two weeks, I’ve even worn it twice so far–but I’m only just now getting it posted here. Sigh. Must work on prompter posting.


Pattern: Braided Pullover, Fall 2008 Interweave Knits
Yarn: Elsebeth Levold Silky Wool
Needles: US 3 & 4 (3.25 & 3.5 mm)
Modifications: I reworked the decrease rate after discovering that an “off” row gauge + my lack of height made the v-neck too low. Also shortened sleeves.

Verdict: Not a big fan of Silky Wool for reverse stockinette stitch, which is the bulk of the sweater. I think that a more “smooth” (technical term, ahem) yarn would make a more even field. This shows off my inconsistent tension just a mite too much. (So I’m admitting the failing isn’t just the yarn!) Otherwise, it’s not a bad yarn. I’m also not a 100% fan of my own re-work math. Either I miscalculated the decrease rate, forgot to account for the neck band, or my row gauge changed between calculations and knitting, but the neck ended up higher than anticipated on the second go-round. I’m leaving it, however. I’ve already knit this twice, and it should be warmer this way. Necessary this winter, I might add.

Finally, as seen below, the seam joining sleeves to body is a little puffy, a look I’m not excited by. I should have realized this from the pattern pictures, but I must have overlooked it. What’s really puzzling me though, is I swear I didn’t have this problem the first go-round and I know I didn’t change anything about the sleeve or shoulder decreases.


In the final conclusion, it’s warm, comfy, and the little things won’t bother me enough to not wear it. I just might avoid my own math for future projects!

Nearly There–Again

Ribbed Pullover 90percent

Hmm…this picture looks a bit washed out, doesn’t it? I guess it just goes to show that just because it’s winter does not guarantee that all photos need to be gloomy!

More importantly, what this picture showcases is that I am nearly finished with my Braided Rib Pullover! For the second time! And this time it fits! I’ve actually made some non-photo-evident progress since I took this photo, as I wove in a number of ends, but mostly this sweater’s been sadly neglected since the first of the year. Too many other distractions, also known as Downton Abbey was simply too engaging to knit through. Among other excuses. I will however, have a finished wool sweater before spring. Maybe even by Monday morning, if I put my mind to it.

So the next question that bears thought: which WIP to finish next? My failure to post in January means my neglect of two important items 1) 2011 is the year of the Architectural Registration Exam, which means less time for anything that’s not “study” so therefore 2) 2011 is the year of finishing WIP’s. At least for a while. I’m thinking Crocus will be first–it should be speediest, and then it will be a toss-up between Aeolian and Ondule, both much too long neglected. Maybe then I’ll let myself start thinking about a brand new project. I have a very tempting stash, after all…

Slowly but steadily…

I had hoped to have a finished sweater by Thanksgiving, but time seems to have been conspiring against me. I had also hoped to have posted several weeks ago, but daylight seems to have been conspiring against me there. In fact, time seems to be conspiring against me in general, as I have become convinced that instead of a 24-hour day, I’ve only had a 22-hour day to work with….

I have managed, however, to finish off the first ball of yarn in the sweater body re-do. Nice and wrinkly and I really hope my gauge hasn’t changed. (Maybe I should check that…)


I actually knit quite a few rows this weekend, as, for the first time in forever, I had a chance to sit and just knit. I’m hoping for more free time in the coming weeks (I may be dreaming here, it’s the holiday season) so that maybe I can finish by the New Year. It’s been a mild fall, but I will definitely be wanting a new sweater come January!

On progress

Well, the blue sweater is looking somewhat like this these days:


OK, it’s not quite that bad. I have two completed sleeves.


And there is a bit of the body started. But…as you can see, quite a bit of it got ripped!


If you recall, the sweater pretty much didn’t fit lengthwise at all. The sleeves actually turned out to be a really quick fix–there were enough “keep knitting straight” rows between the last increase and the shoulder shaping that I was able to take the extra length entirely out of that portion without messing with the increase rate. Phew.

The body turned out a little more complex. I spent a couple evenings playing with the numbers until I got something that would a) add a little length to the total b)raise the v-neck and c)not screw up the shoulder shaping. And then I spent another evening charting it using the drafting software we use for work. So I have a perfectly to-scale representation. That bit  may have been a little much…

At any rate, all the number-play determined the unfortunate truth that I’d need to rip back almost to the ribbing. Sigh. Other than that little setback, the knitting is actually going pretty well. The only “difficult” part is the cable. Thanks to the nifty little number chart I made while reconfiguring the new cable slant rate, I don’t even have to pay close attention to the pattern; I can just look at the chart and the row number of the cable pattern to determine if I’m on a slant row or if it’s time to start neck or shoulder shaping. It’s perfect TV knitting, and so has been assigned to the morning pre-work rotation.

Speaking of work, I think we were all a little lost at work this afternoon: the last major immediate deadline came and went without incident! Sure we’re still busy, but the next big project deadline (that I’m aware of) is the first of February. Very exciting to have a little breather–it’s just enough that I’ll be able to take a week off in October. I wasn’t able to use my second week of vacation this summer, so I’m really looking forward to this. I’m already dreaming of all the projects I could start…of course, maybe I should concentrate on finishing a few first!