Revisiting 2013

Or revisiting 2013’s goals at least. One of the three posts I actually wrote last year was all about my goals for last year. So I thought I should revisit and see what I actually (didn’t get) finished.

Going in order of that post (pictures are from last year):

Rock Island–blocked and worn and even posted about. Umm…in 2014. But finished!


Aeolian–as of last night, the ends are finally woven in. The blocking will be more of a challenge: it is BIG. I might try the fold-in-half to block method.

Tatted Snowflakes

Tatted snowflakes–mostly done. I finished one big one, started another (hmm….maybe I finished two big ones? I don’t see any starts lying around), and made a little one. This is really more of a vague goal anyways, as my aim is to have enough for my snowflake tree to look “right.” So ongoing. But also, a nice, small project that’s perfect for travel.

Snowman Crossstich

Santa Ornaments

The cross-stitch projects–snowman still in progress, one Santa almost finished (just needs some finishing) and one still not started. But the finished Santa was repaired! The snowman is creeping forward, but it’s a project that requires really good light because of the dark background fabric. It would be nice to finish this all this year, though.


Delicatos for mom–FINISHED! And finished in 2013, too. (Picture taken in 2013 but never posted.)
Pattern: Delicato by Anne Hanson (Knitspot)
Yarn: Woolen Rabbit Pandora (merino-bamboo-nylon sock blend)
Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm)

Footlong Scarf

Monkey Bread Scarf–still in progress, but on hold. I’ve needed it this year, too–it’s been one of the coldest winters we’ve had on record (top 10). But I deliberately put it on hold while I decided if what I actually want is a cowl. Scarves can be fussy to deal with, especially when the wind’s whipping around. It would be a definite yes on the cowl, except the idea of a infinity scarf (as it’s designed) that can be double-wrapped is really appealing. (Did I mention it was cold this winter?)

Piecework to Read

Jane Austen Knits & Piecework–complete fail. Maybe I could take some of these on vacation…

Ondule–almost finished! More on that in a future post. Pictures then, too.


TBD project with Qivuik. Still TBD. I have some ideas though.

Repair - Blue Sweater

Repair - Brown Sweater

Sweater repairs–navy sweater fixed and worn (the fixing has given me no end of satisfaction–it’s still a perfectly good sweater). Brown sweater on the other hand…well, I’m stumped. Surely there has to be a way to repair it, but I haven’t worked out what it is just yet.

Sock Toe

Sock TBD. Ripped, restarted, and…even less finished. This is a problem. I need more socks.

Rose Shawl to frog

Rose shawl–frogged as part of my recent project toss. The yarn and pattern just weren’t playing nice.

Lerwick Lace–future post.

So that’s 2013. I obviously have some leftovers hanging around to work on this year, but I’ve started new projects as well. Which is actually making it easier to revisit the old (for example, the weaving in on Aeolian’s ends yesterday). Apparently, when it comes to my knitting (and other crafting), choice is a good thing! And all those choices? I think I’ll save those for another day. Maybe I can get the hang of this regular blogging thing…


Goals, 2013 edition

One of my goals for this year was to not let things linger, but to get better at getting things done when I thought about them. So far–mixed results. I’ve kept up with say, my paper filing. But this here blog? FAIL. I fully intended–even got as far as taking the pictures–to post about my crafty goals for the year early in January, but between busyness and lame excuses (to myself) about other things to do, it’s now almost March. But that doesn’t change the goals, so here goes. Warning: Lots of projects ahead!

Rock Island

Rock Island: my primary project from 2012, almost finished. Just needs blocked. Which I need to remember to do!


Aeolian: Slightly more work required: weave in ends and block. The blocking will be challenging–it’s bigger than I have space for at the moment…but I may have a solution….

Tatted Snowflakes

Tatted snowflakes: A late 2012 start, I had hoped to have some new additions to my mini snowflake-themed Christmas tree. I didn’t get far, so I’d like to finish the two big ones I have started (top & middle) and make some more of the mini ones (bottom). By  Christmas 2013, preferably!

Snowman Crossstich

Santa Ornaments

Cross stitched snowman picture and three Santa ornaments: Before I knit, I cross-stitched. Which means these kits are at least 7 years old. I’ve been sloooooly working on getting them finished. The Santa on the right actually was complete, but one of his sleigh-bells fell off, so he needs a minor repair. Again, by Christmas.

Delicato Mitts to be

Delicato Mitts for Mom: After I knit the mitts for grandma, my mom requested a pair. These have top priority–unfortunately, since I took the picture in January, I’ve only made it through the cuff of the first one. Must step on that!

Footlong Scarf

Monkey Bread Scarf: The scarf to match my hat and mittens. I could have used this last month, but it’s nowhere near complete. I absolutely must finish it by next winter!

Piecework to Read

Jane Austen Knits & Piecework: I just want to get these read before I file them on the shelf. I’ve since added one more, so I’d better get a move on!

Ondule in Progress

Ondule: It’s past the half-way point, I believe, so it’s time to finish it already.


Project with Qivuik, TBD: I have one skein, and I’d like to maximize my yardage. I have some ideas, but, they still need swatched and I’m not actually sure I’ll have enough yarn anyways…so…but it’s in my basket and I’d really like to knit with this this year!

Repair - Blue Sweater

Repair - Brown Sweater

Sweater Repair: Two store-bought sweaters that need just a little repair work to extend their life. The brown one (the color’s off in the picture) goes well with my one knit shawl, so I really need to get to this!

Sock Toe

Sock, TBD. I started a sock. Uncharacteristic, but I need socks. I’m not sure the original pattern I picked is going to work, so it kind of stalled out.

Rose Shawl to frog

Rose Shawl: Attempt number two has confirmed it–pattern + yarn do not go together. To be frogged.

Lerwick Start

Lerwick Lace Shawl: I can’t believe how long this has been around. I don’t expect to finish this year, but it would be nice to get to the halfway point of the edging (I’m at quarter now).

Right…so…given that I’ve only made a minimal amount of progress since January, what are the hopes for December?!

Resolved: Knitting–and Other Things

So. It’s a New Year. A few days ago, the time to reflect on the past year, to make resolutions for the coming year. Except I don’t do resolutions. They don’t usually work.

Although, that is a lie this year. I resolved–informally, mind–to start just doing things when I think about them or when the first come up rather than putting them off until later. Four days in and it’s working splendidly. I’ve cleaned, sorted papers, finally took the car to the mechanic (check engine light was on–and okay, that bill was a bit ugly), and in general am more on top of things than I’ve been in a while.

Except for the knitting basket. Which has rather morphed into a knitting-and-repair-and-sewing-and-everything basket. And overfloweth. I mayn’t do resolutions, but I do goals, and THE knitting (and all other crafting) goal for this year is to empty out the knitting basket of everything that is currently in it, excepting the Lewrick Lace Shawl. (I’m afraid it might be unrealistic to include that, although it would be nice.)

2012 was not really a stellar year, knit-wise. I finished very little. I didn’t discover/remember/design and start a single new lace project, even though lace is my favorite knitting. I didn’t even go to the local fiber show in large part because I couldn’t see the point in buying more yarn when I haven’t touched any that I bought there the last two or three years. I barely blogged what little progress I did make. My wrist began to bother me to the point that knitting was usually uncomfortable. I considered that perhaps I should just shut this blog down and scale back on all knitting and related projects.

But. There was one project, yet-to-be-blogged about, that needed finished–by Christmas–that my mom roped me in to. Bad wrist or no, I must knit. So I  turned on a made-for-TV Christmas movie marathon (eek, there’s only two plots to those movies!) and sat and knit and knit and realized that my wrist wasn’t bothering me as much as I expected. I then realized two things 1) I think it’s something other than the knitting that’s causing my wrist pain and 2) I haven’t been knitting as much because I haven’t been knitting while watching TV or movies the way I have in the past.

I won’t say I have my knitting love back as strong yet, but my knitting interest is definitely much stronger than it has been in the last year or so. Which means I’ll be keeping the blog, and hope to get through that basket, less Lewrick, by the time this year’s local fiber show rolls around. I’m not going to limit myself to knitting, though–I think if I start adding in my other crafty interests, both to work on and on the blog, I’ll get more done and be able to resume a more regular posting schedule. Relatively speaking!

So, in the coming weeks–if anyone is still reading this!–expect a post on the contents of the knitting basket, one on that mystery Christmas knitting, and hopefully before too long some progress on projects. I’m hoping to have a great crafting year and that next year my problem won’t just be an overflowing knitting basket (new projects!) but a shortage of storage for all the completed projects.

WIP Parade

With the turn of the year, I often find myself making plans or setting goals for the coming year (but never resolutions–I don’t do resolutions). This year, other than some concrete reading goals, I find myself floundering a little more than usual. Maybe it’s just that I don’t have anything “big” to reach for this year, as I did with the Architectural Registration Exam last year. Or maybe I just haven’t put enough thought into it. But as it comes to knitting, I’ve decided I really need to focus on what I already have. So here, to refresh my memory, and perhaps shame me into finishing some things this year, I present my WIP parade.

Monkey Bread Hat
Snap Dragon Flip Tops

The first two knits are the newest of the bunch, but also the most urgently needed. Yes, we’re in January and I still don’t have a hat or mittens to wear. Thankfully, I haven’t had to go out that often, it hasn’t been cold more that a couple days, and I’ve been able to make do with some fingerless mitts and a non-matching  scarf. The hat is close–I just need to weave in ends and block it. I will also be knitting a Monkey Bread Scarf to match.

Rock Island

Started this summer, and stagnated as I moved on to more urgent projects. I was loving it though, so it will take priority after the winter knits are finished.


Revived this summer, it also was abandoned in favor of other projects. I only have the edging left, so it’s close.


Sunk by gauge issues, I think I’ve worked them out. Only…the needle I need is in Rock Island. I really love the yarn and pattern, though, so once Rock Island is finished…

Lerwick Lace Shawl

I don’t want to think about how long it’s been since I last worked on this. If I remember correctly, I was over 1/3 through the edging. I’ve just been too distracted by other projects.

If you look at my Ravelry page, there are a couple other UFOs, but most likely they are all headed for the frog pond, either because the yarn doesn’t work, or I want it for a different project.

And then there’s the yarn. I have a nicely sized stash. I haven’t added to it since May, excepting the yarn which went straight to projects, but I really shouldn’t have added to it then. (At least not based on my current knitting rate.) I’d like to get to some of the yarns though, they’re so lovely. I have several sweater’s worth of yarn–which has already been designated for projects–and quite a bit of laceweight. I also have a couple lace ideas percolating in my brain which I haven’t had a chance to get to yet.

Chances are, I won’t get to everything this year, but it looks like I have plenty of knitting ahead!