A little repair work

Winter seems to have arrived early in my neck of the woods, and if the national (and international, for that matter) weather maps are any indication, it seems to have arrived early everywhere. There’s a lot I like about winter—hot chocolate, cozy knits, pretty snowfalls when I don’t have to be out in it—but there’s also just enough negative about winter that I threaten to move south, way south, every year. Case in point: I am not so fortunate as to park my car in a garage, and therefore, without fail, from the time of first snowfall to the last gasp of winter sometime in April, I have to clean my car off almost.every.day.

This takes a toll on one’s gloves. Exhibit A:

Glove with hole

A couple weeks ago, the glove could handle no more, and a nice hole opened right where the thumb attaches to the body of the glove. This is one of the Twisted Stitch Gauntlets I finished nearly three years ago. (Wow! Has it been that long already?) Fortunately, I still had the leftover yarn. More fortunately, I found it right away. It took some time and fiddling to figure out, but I can present Exhibit B:

Glove repaired

The next day a hole tore in the finger of the opposite glove.

The repair job was less precise that time. Time to start looking for a new pattern. I’m thinking mittens.

first of the year

i can’t believe it’s been over two weeks since i’ve posted! by implication, that means i haven’t gotten very much done on the knitting front. this is not exactly true. i did have to go back to work on the 2nd, and combined with a bit of laziness and my determination to finish something before posting, well…i guess it’s been a while. however, i can now present the first finished object of 2008:

twisted stitch gauntlets
pattern: twisted stitch gauntlets from interweave knits 2007 holiday issue
yarn: classic elite classic one fifty, #7255
needles: us 2 (2.75 mm)
mods: to compensate for not quite getting row gauge/shorter hands i moved the thumbs up 4 rows on the hand, adding the required increases on the hand/decreases on the thumb to stay in patter.

i’m rather pleased with these – i love the color, and they even fit! i’m even more pleased that i was pretty faithful to the project, only tiring of it after getting halfway through the fingers of the second glove. a substantial improvement on my part, although i’m sure it’s only temporary. i did find it much easier to to work through the hand and keep track of everything by creating a larger chart with the hand pattern/finger pattern/increases rather than relying on sticky notes or row counters.

i havn’t let irtfa’a go completely – it was my fill-in when i couldn’t take fingers – or weaving in ends – anymore. however, photos at this point wouldn’t really look any different than the last time i posted them, and i’m too lazy to take it off the needles to get a proper photo…just yet. i’m almost done with the small feather chart, though. i’ve also been working a bit on an almost-abandoned project from august. so i guess my laziness hasn’t been in the knitting – it’s been in the blogging! if the weather – and my intentions – cooperates, hopefully there will be some photos soon!

ring in the new!

it’s strange to think that in most of the world it’s already the new year…here, we’ve still got about 4 hours to go. i don’t make new year’s resolutions, as a rule – i’ve never kept one, so there’s no point. i would however, like to finish quite a few wips/ufos in the coming months.

my problem isn’t that i don’t like a project (usually) or get tired of it (usually) – i just become entranced by something new. new yarn, a new pattern.

twisted stitch gauntlet

however, in this instance, i really really really need the gloves. or twisted stitch gauntlets, as the pattern calls them (ravelry link ). i’m using the classic elite one fifty i bought last week, and the first one has gone pretty well. i did frog part of the hand back when i decided it was going to be too long for me so i moved the thumb a bit higher. i just have two fingers left on this one and i can start the left hand. however…this means i’ve been neglecting my other knits. shamefully. maybe in this new year, just maybe, i can get some projects finished.

it’s never too late to be optimistic, right? (besides – i really need those gloves!)