If you’ve followed me over from my old blogger account, thanks and welcome!  I’m hoping this site will make me happier – I don’t need much, just a simple place to post, and an easy way to respond to comments.  I’ve received  a number of compliments on my finished projects lately (thank you very much!) and I don’t really like only responding to them within the blog…

Ok, enough business…I have a finished object!



Pattern: Dickinson Pullover (Fall 2007 Interweave Knits), size 40″ (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool
Needles: Size 5 US/3.75 mm (The pattern called for a um…US 9…little loose over here…)
Mods: I shortened the sweater body and sleeves, modifying the deceases appropriately so it would actually fit me. I also got gauge with a 6 US and then went down 1 needle size so the sweater wouldn’t be so sloppy. Pre-blocking, it fits!

With the summer upon us, it seemed a most appropriate time to finish up a heavy wool sweater so that I could put it away until the fall! Actually, I just really wanted to finish it and get it out of my hair. I now plan to fully devote myself to lace, lace, lace – yes, of course I’m participating in Seasons of Lace! I have a 2 projects already on the needles and several more planned – probably more than I can finish, but it’ll be fun trying. And I have these to look at….



knitted miscellany

I am sad to report that Morning Glory is still unblocked. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I forgot that last night would be an ideal time to block it or that I went in to work this morning (yipee, we’re back to overtime and working Saturdays…). Maybe next weekend…

However, overtime does not (yet) mean no knitting. I’ve successfully managed to finish (1) back for my Dickinson Pullover.


It’s currently rather longish and narrow, sometime I’m hoping will be rectified in the blocking. As long as my swatch didn’t lie…I am relieved however, to have used less than 1/3 of my yarn for the back. I don’t quite have enough for the pattern as written, but I’m making the sweater and sleeves several inches shorter so it will actually (hopefully) fit. So far, it looks like I’ll have enough. (Opps…I think I just doomed myself…)

I also managed to start another lace project. (Which of course means my eyes are now all healed…although it still sometimes creeps me out that I can see without glasses!)


This is the start of Anne‘s Pear and Trellis scarf. As soon as I saw the pattern, I knew I had the perfect yarn already in my stash. This is the ColourMart Cashmere/Silk 3/45NM Laceweight I bought last November. It’s lighter than the pattern calls for, so I’m using two strands together, which seems to be working. I’m thinking my cast on was too tight though, so I’m going to restart tonight.

I also managed to pick up another lace book, which of course means more projects for the queue, one which I particularly like. I’ve been eying A Gathering of Lace for several months, and finally bought it this week. The Vine Lace Cardigan (Ravelry link) caught my eye, so if I can find an appropriate yarn, I think it will be my next sweater project. Which should be sometime around October when we’re finally past overtime season (at least for a day or two) at work!

glasses be gone

I ran into an unexpected knitting situation last week. You see, these:


are no more. Almost exactly a week ago, I had LASIK. I knew to expect that my eyes wouldn’t be perfect right away, that maybe they might be itchy or dry. They forgot to tell me that after I woke up from the recommended post-surgery nap I’d be bored out of my mind! I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone, but it took a while for my eyes to get back to “normal”. (OK, they’re not normal for me – I can actually SEE! No, I’m still not used to it, yes, it’s a bit freaky.) Middle distances were great, but it was a day or so before I could see up close and really far without everything being “weird” (which is the best way I have to describe it – I could see to read, but it was just “weird”). Which meant that knitting wasn’t exactly something that was on the to-do list. However, I was bored. Very bored.

Therefore, my first option was to organize my knitting mess. I am now proud to say that all balls of yarn and pattern pertaining to the same project are all together in the same bag. That all my dpn’s are safely put away together. That I located my missing size 5 us (3.75 mm) circular. That I restarted a long-abandoned sweater. Opps. Healing eyes be damned, I started knitting. In my defense, it’s on those 3.75mm needles, which compared to the lace I’ve knit lately, makes it a pretty large scale knit. (Yeah, I know, it’s not quite jumbo needles.)


I originally started the Dickinson Pullover (Interweave Knits, Fall 2007) back in November, and got about 6″ into one sleeve. Sleeve frogged, this would be the back, almost to the shoulder decreases. Amazing how fast a sweater goes after Whispering Pines! I love the cables:


Which of course, is why I’m making this. Even though I won’t get to wear it until fall. (Assuming I finish by then!)

I did finish another knit the next day, which I might get to use this spring. If I can get it blocked; alas the blocking surfaces are all unavailable for the foreseeable future.


The Morning Glory is even older, dating from August. It was half finished when I started the sweater the first time. But some other projects got in the way…so I didn’t finish it until just now. Shameless, I know (and I loved knitting it! The yarn is wonderful, the pattern entertaining…I don’t know what was wrong with me…) I really want to block it to see in its glory! (Opps…no pun intended there.) Maybe this weekend…

(Ravelry links for my sweater here; shawl here.)

what’s one more?

i’ve had a bit of startitis lately. i couldn’t restrain myself, and finally swatched for the dickinson pullover from the fall 2007 interweave knits. in an unheard of (for me) turn of events, i got gauge on the first try. row gauge, stitch gauge, perfect. that never happens. however, it also only further reinforced my notion of myself as a loose knitter. the pattern calls for a “bulky” yarn (7wpi) and us 9/5.5 mm needles. i’m using an aran weight (10 wpi) and got gauge with us 6/4.0 mm needles. by my reckoning, the math shouldn’t work out – with a lighter weight yarn, i should actually be using closer to the size the pattern calls far, if not larger. instead, i’m…well, i’m a very loose knitter. i’ve actually gone down a size, as i don’t like the finished size options for the sweater – 33-1/2″ is too small and 40″ seems too large. by going down a needle size and knitting the 40″ i hope to make a slightly smaller sweater. so far, i’m about 6-1/2″ into the first sleeve.


i am a little worried about having enough yarn. i don’t quite have enough for the 40″, according to the pattern. however, i’m planning to shorten the sleeves by about 2″, and maybe the body as well. keeping my fingers crossed.

of course, having 1 new project, as well as all the old wip’s couldn’t possibly be enough…


my dad requested a winter hat, so i’m obliging. he’s worried about wool itching (even though the cascase 220 superwash i’m using is unbelievably soft) so i’m making an outer layer (the blue, #813) and an inner liner of a cotton/tencel blend (the gray, #0499). hopefully this will be a quick project, because…well i need to finish something! further complicating matters – anne just released her latest shawl pattern – and as soon as my yarn arrives, i’m casting on!