Knits Ahead!

Eeep. It’s late-mid-May already?! I’m not sure how that happened! I’d say I also wasn’t sure how I’ve let so much time go by without posting, but as I was uploading photos to my computer a little bit ago, the answer was obvious: lack of fully functioning laptop since mid-February, up until about two weeks ago. (The hard drive died and it first took me a while to decide whether to replace or repair and then a good bit longer to get everything installed and updated.) I have a tablet I can use for a lot, but I like to resize (and sometimes touchup/crop) my photos before I upload them, and I can only do that on the laptop. So…anything involving photos has suffered. Including photo organization – that took some time!

Fortunately, the crafting has not suffered the same fate. All those cold days we had in January and February provided quite the incentive, and I’ve just kept going since. I’ve finished, repaired, and restarted. Perhaps not finishing up as quick as I’d like, but steady progress nonetheless.

But today is the Saturday before Memorial Day, which means, like most years, my mom and I went to the local fiber show, the Great Lakes Fiber Show, so I simply must share about that first.

I was restrained this year. Yesterday I took a look through my stash, to remind myself that I really do have quite enough already. (Unless I want to knit a sweater our of something other than Briar Rose Sea Pearl.) So I behaved – only one new skein of yarn:

Bare Naked Wools - fresh lace - naturalBare Naked Wool: fresh lace
65% silk /35% linen
(1) skein at 756 yards (4 oz./100 g)
Colorway: natural

I also purchased some wool wash, as I’m getting low–I’ve begun washing all my knits for the season. The sweaters/mitts/scarves are done, but due to space constraints, I can only wash (and reblock) one shawl at a time. So I’ve a ways to go–hopefully before summer’s end!

While I was taking pictures of the new yarn, I also took the opportunity to snap some pics of another yarn, from last…fall? Spring? I can’t remember now. Regardless, I bought it at an event at the Bare Naked Wools Boutique. It’s actually a Briar Rose Fibers yarn, but was leftover from one of Anne’s club offerings. I just couldn’t resist the rich purple. (And then got home and discovered a very similar laceweight from Briar Rose in my stash. Which is why I now take pictures of my stash with me. Ahem.)

Briar Rose Fibers - Stella lace weight - deep purpleBriar Rose Fibers: Stella
80% Merino, 20% Silk
(1) skein at 1100 yards (113 g)

I really don’t have any plans for either of these yarns…yet…but they are both so tempting in their own separate ways. Which may be a good thing – although I have two on-the-needles projects, it won’t be long before I’m looking for the next thing, and I’m really not sure what that is just yet. Time for pattern browsing…


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