Easing In


So. I seem to be in one of those “do things” moods that don’t necessary strike all that often, but that I try to take advantage of whenever they do happen. Especially as they usually seem to result in baked goods at the end. (Bread currently in the oven.) So far, I’ve managed not only to stir up the aforementioned bread (really simple recipie – it’s taken me longer to type this than to stir it up), mix up some hot cocoa mix for the coming weeks, take some autumnal garden photos, and finally, finally catch up on blog reading (which, since I subscribe to way too many book blogs and book bloggers tend to be wordy, can take some time). So while I was at it, I might as well finally get back to the knit blog, right? Especially since I’ve actually been knitting lately.

Although it’s been a bit busy this fall (work, mostly–there was this crazy two-week period with back-to-back deadlines–never again!), the pull of the knitting needles has been strong. I finished one project I started in the spring, I’ve passed the half-way point on another, and some non-knitting crafts have been worked on as well. There’s another forthcoming project planned, and isn’t it about time to finally finish the scarf to match my hat? (Maybe if I do that, winter won’t be quite so…wintery…this year.) And I’ve decided that I want to be more faithful not just to the knitting/crafting, but to the blog. Once weekly posts will be just right, I think. There’s a bit of a mini-backlog to talk about just now, which will fill some time, and, fingers crossed, I’ll keep up enough to always have something to share. I actually managed to take some pictures of the latest finished project today, but I think that shall wait until next week. A teaser to get myself to post?


One thought on “Easing In

  1. Glad you’re back! It is nice when a “doing things” mood hits. I hadn’t seen that there was another Flavia book out…must go purchase a copy!

    Can’t wait to hear about those projects. Sounds like you’ve been busy!

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