Ondulé, Approaching the Finish

I left the details of Ondulé out of my last post, deciding I wanted to spend a little more time with it than just a drive-by. Because you see, as slowly as I’ve been working on it, of course things couldn’t go quite as planned. I’ve been knitting Ondulé seemingly forever, first starting in January 2010. Gauge changed, so I restarted in July 2012 as my knitting for the London Olympics (why I thought a wool sweater in July heat was a good idea…?). It went pretty well, and I was probably about half done after the two weeks were over. But then it sort of languished for a while before I finally picked it up again in 2013. And dragged it out. Forever.

If I recall correctly, I finally finished the last sleeve right before Thanksgiving, last November. All the pieces were done, now I could just procrastinate on the seaming. Sometime in December it occurred to me to block the pieces first (forgetting that the neckband was still to be knit, but that’s a minor detail), so I soaked and laid them out. What a difference that made–I couldn’t believe how much nicer the fabric was! But that’s when I realized something.

DSCN9187See it? No?

DSCN9188How about now?

Yep. I knit the shoulders on the fronts both sloping to the right. Oops! Fortunately, this was only about six rows of work. In theory, it should have taken me more time to work out which shoulder was wrong than to do the actual knitting, but somewhere in the process of fixing the shoulder, I managed to unlearn how to count to seven. Three tries later, I have two correct shoulders.

I don’t have updated pictures (bad blogger!), but in between repeats on my newest knitting project, I’ve actually seamed the shoulders together and finished the neckband. Amazingly, it only took my 1.3 tries to pick up the correct amount of stitches going around (two tries for the first front side), and I had the knitting part finished off fairly quickly. Now I’m back to a sweater waiting for seams… Any guesses how many more months before I get to that part?!

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  1. Persistence will pay off in the end! It’s a beautiful sweater, even if the knitting does seem to have been a comedy of errors. =)

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