One of the consequences of not really getting anything finished in the past year (well, at a VERY slow rate), is that my stash has reached all sorts of well-past-STABLE proportions. Fortunately, it’s still not very big, but it’s enough that I probably shouldn’t buy any yarn this year. Or next. Unless I start making some serious progress! And that’s a problem, because a) there’s at least one project on my really-want-to-knit list for which I don’t already have suitable yarn and b) there’s a couple yarns I’d really like to try out. And one of these, I believe, is going to be available at this spring’s (end of May) Great Lakes Fiber Show. I’d consider not going this year, as I only ever end up buying too much yarn. There are such pretty things, always that I can’t resist! For instance, last year:

Briar Rose Fibers: Stella; 80% Merino, 20% Silk; 2200 yards.

This would make a lovely shawl. That would take forever to knit.

Knitting Notions: Classic Merino Bamboo; light fingering; 65% Merino, 35% Bamboo; Colorway “Azure”; 490 yards.

I really like knitting with this blend. But I don’t have a clue what I’m going to knit with it, just that I had a vague notion that it would make a nice shoulder shawl. Which it would. If I had a pattern.

Knitting Notions: Classic Merino Bamboo; light fingering; 65% Merino, 35% Bamboo; Colorway “Ironstone”; 490 yards.

Well, at least I have a plan for this. (I think. I might not have enough yarn)

Fiber Optic Yarns: Merino Bamboo Lace; 50% Bamboo, 50% Merino; Colorway “Hot Tomato Batik”; 1000 yards.

   And the complete impulse buy. (At least all the other yarns I’ve knit with yarns from the vendor before so I could be certain I’d like them.) Not a clue what this will become. But it’s 1000 yards!

And I haven’t touched a one since. Which is also true of my purchases from my previous visit. And I’m pretty sure the time before that, as well. Yet chances are I’ll be back this year. On the other hand, when I look at my pictures–or my stash, either works–they all remain so tempting. So at least I have no regrets! I also have the consolation of knowing that my current almost-finished knit (yay!) is of a yarn I purchased years ago and when I was sorting through my projects and my stash looking for something to work on was just the perfect thing. Which I suppose is how we end up with such big stashes in the first place: all that lovely potential for “later.”

Of course, it would help if I didn’t do silly things like turn this:

An early picture of my Lerwick lace stole.

Into this:

Well, it used to be one-quarter of the Lerwick lace edging.

Not on my most recent project toss, but last summer going through the basket, I decided that Lerwick needed restarted. Nothing wrong with what I had done–and it was several yards of work–, but I had neglected it for so long that in the interim my gauge had changed. I decided the simplest course of action was to rip the whole thing out and wait to restart once I was ready to dedicate most of my knitting energies to it without interruption. So rip mercilessly I did–my mom was far more devastated than I. (She’s a product knitter. I’m…not.) I keep looking at the yarn and this picture and I feel a little thrill at all the potential there. Perhaps this summer?


Ondulé, Approaching the Finish

I left the details of Ondulé out of my last post, deciding I wanted to spend a little more time with it than just a drive-by. Because you see, as slowly as I’ve been working on it, of course things couldn’t go quite as planned. I’ve been knitting Ondulé seemingly forever, first starting in January 2010. Gauge changed, so I restarted in July 2012 as my knitting for the London Olympics (why I thought a wool sweater in July heat was a good idea…?). It went pretty well, and I was probably about half done after the two weeks were over. But then it sort of languished for a while before I finally picked it up again in 2013. And dragged it out. Forever.

If I recall correctly, I finally finished the last sleeve right before Thanksgiving, last November. All the pieces were done, now I could just procrastinate on the seaming. Sometime in December it occurred to me to block the pieces first (forgetting that the neckband was still to be knit, but that’s a minor detail), so I soaked and laid them out. What a difference that made–I couldn’t believe how much nicer the fabric was! But that’s when I realized something.

DSCN9187See it? No?

DSCN9188How about now?

Yep. I knit the shoulders on the fronts both sloping to the right. Oops! Fortunately, this was only about six rows of work. In theory, it should have taken me more time to work out which shoulder was wrong than to do the actual knitting, but somewhere in the process of fixing the shoulder, I managed to unlearn how to count to seven. Three tries later, I have two correct shoulders.

I don’t have updated pictures (bad blogger!), but in between repeats on my newest knitting project, I’ve actually seamed the shoulders together and finished the neckband. Amazingly, it only took my 1.3 tries to pick up the correct amount of stitches going around (two tries for the first front side), and I had the knitting part finished off fairly quickly. Now I’m back to a sweater waiting for seams… Any guesses how many more months before I get to that part?!

Revisiting 2013

Or revisiting 2013’s goals at least. One of the three posts I actually wrote last year was all about my goals for last year. So I thought I should revisit and see what I actually (didn’t get) finished.

Going in order of that post (pictures are from last year):

Rock Island–blocked and worn and even posted about. Umm…in 2014. But finished!


Aeolian–as of last night, the ends are finally woven in. The blocking will be more of a challenge: it is BIG. I might try the fold-in-half to block method.

Tatted Snowflakes

Tatted snowflakes–mostly done. I finished one big one, started another (hmm….maybe I finished two big ones? I don’t see any starts lying around), and made a little one. This is really more of a vague goal anyways, as my aim is to have enough for my snowflake tree to look “right.” So ongoing. But also, a nice, small project that’s perfect for travel.

Snowman Crossstich

Santa Ornaments

The cross-stitch projects–snowman still in progress, one Santa almost finished (just needs some finishing) and one still not started. But the finished Santa was repaired! The snowman is creeping forward, but it’s a project that requires really good light because of the dark background fabric. It would be nice to finish this all this year, though.


Delicatos for mom–FINISHED! And finished in 2013, too. (Picture taken in 2013 but never posted.)
Pattern: Delicato by Anne Hanson (Knitspot)
Yarn: Woolen Rabbit Pandora (merino-bamboo-nylon sock blend)
Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm)

Footlong Scarf

Monkey Bread Scarf–still in progress, but on hold. I’ve needed it this year, too–it’s been one of the coldest winters we’ve had on record (top 10). But I deliberately put it on hold while I decided if what I actually want is a cowl. Scarves can be fussy to deal with, especially when the wind’s whipping around. It would be a definite yes on the cowl, except the idea of a infinity scarf (as it’s designed) that can be double-wrapped is really appealing. (Did I mention it was cold this winter?)

Piecework to Read

Jane Austen Knits & Piecework–complete fail. Maybe I could take some of these on vacation…

Ondule–almost finished! More on that in a future post. Pictures then, too.


TBD project with Qivuik. Still TBD. I have some ideas though.

Repair - Blue Sweater

Repair - Brown Sweater

Sweater repairs–navy sweater fixed and worn (the fixing has given me no end of satisfaction–it’s still a perfectly good sweater). Brown sweater on the other hand…well, I’m stumped. Surely there has to be a way to repair it, but I haven’t worked out what it is just yet.

Sock Toe

Sock TBD. Ripped, restarted, and…even less finished. This is a problem. I need more socks.

Rose Shawl to frog

Rose shawl–frogged as part of my recent project toss. The yarn and pattern just weren’t playing nice.

Lerwick Lace–future post.

So that’s 2013. I obviously have some leftovers hanging around to work on this year, but I’ve started new projects as well. Which is actually making it easier to revisit the old (for example, the weaving in on Aeolian’s ends yesterday). Apparently, when it comes to my knitting (and other crafting), choice is a good thing! And all those choices? I think I’ll save those for another day. Maybe I can get the hang of this regular blogging thing…