Tentatively, I post. It’s been nearly a year since I last was here, a fact I can scarcely believe–has that much time really passed? I’ve had a few posts in my head that never made it further, so those perhaps muddle my memory, telling it that it’s not been that long. But it has.

I did think about retiring this blog entirely. In the past year I haven’t even really knit that much, too tired at the end of long work days. But I was never quite ready to let go. And after a good project sort and stash review last weekend, I think I’m ready to try again. I even have a list of posts I could write, to make it through for a while until I’ve any new project to post on. I’m re-energized. And after a bit over a year of working full time with a lengthy commute, I think I’ve finally settled into that so that I feel like a more aggressive knitting schedule is actually possible.

It helps that I finally realized that the main problem with my lack of knitting (or other crafting) progress is that everything I was working on was in a point where I needed to make a decision on something or have a set time to just sit and work it out, while the time I had available to knit was little bits and pieces, not enough to sort things or make decisions. And I’m rather tired of knitting to precise gauge. This led to the project toss, wherein I frogged two long-abandoned projects, decided to pick one up again that was long-hibernating, and sorted which projects I needed to “work out.” They still need decisions or fiddling, but at least I know where they are at, and that the next time I have a chunk of time (perhaps next weekend?) I can pick up one to finish.

And I decided I needed a controlled bout of startitis. Nothing overboard, just enough that I should always have a project in progress that doesn’t need thinking about if I only have a few minutes or am too tired for something more difficult. I spent a few hours with Ravelry and my stash, and on top of the no-longer-hibernating project, I have two more started/ready to start. Both lace shawls, on the smaller size–which I find more useful for wearing.

I started the first yesterday, a Boxleaf Triangle:

Boxleaf Triangle Start

This is an Anne Hanson pattern, and the yarn is Brooklyn Handspun Soft Spun Plus, a superwash merino. The pattern is simple, a ten row repeat with patterning only on right-side rows. If I read the pattern correctly, it could be resized to however much yarn you have–it is worked from the center back out and the edging is integral. And I started it without swatching–a minor rebellion as I’ve knit so many of Anne’s patterns that I know what size needles I should use based on her sizing. Not to mention it’s lace–as long as I like the drape of the knitting and have enough yarn, gauge really doesn’t matter that much.

I have so many other projects and plans to show, but I’d rather spread them out a bit. Fingers crossed I actually return soon to show them off!