Goals, 2013 edition

One of my goals for this year was to not let things linger, but to get better at getting things done when I thought about them. So far–mixed results. I’ve kept up with say, my paper filing. But this here blog? FAIL. I fully intended–even got as far as taking the pictures–to post about my crafty goals for the year early in January, but between busyness and lame excuses (to myself) about other things to do, it’s now almost March. But that doesn’t change the goals, so here goes. Warning: Lots of projects ahead!

Rock Island

Rock Island: my primary project from 2012, almost finished. Just needs blocked. Which I need to remember to do!


Aeolian: Slightly more work required: weave in ends and block. The blocking will be challenging–it’s bigger than I have space for at the moment…but I may have a solution….

Tatted Snowflakes

Tatted snowflakes: A late 2012 start, I had hoped to have some new additions to my mini snowflake-themed Christmas tree. I didn’t get far, so I’d like to finish the two big ones I have started (top & middle) and make some more of the mini ones (bottom). By  Christmas 2013, preferably!

Snowman Crossstich

Santa Ornaments

Cross stitched snowman picture and three Santa ornaments: Before I knit, I cross-stitched. Which means these kits are at least 7 years old. I’ve been sloooooly working on getting them finished. The Santa on the right actually was complete, but one of his sleigh-bells fell off, so he needs a minor repair. Again, by Christmas.

Delicato Mitts to be

Delicato Mitts for Mom: After I knit the mitts for grandma, my mom requested a pair. These have top priority–unfortunately, since I took the picture in January, I’ve only made it through the cuff of the first one. Must step on that!

Footlong Scarf

Monkey Bread Scarf: The scarf to match my hat and mittens. I could have used this last month, but it’s nowhere near complete. I absolutely must finish it by next winter!

Piecework to Read

Jane Austen Knits & Piecework: I just want to get these read before I file them on the shelf. I’ve since added one more, so I’d better get a move on!

Ondule in Progress

Ondule: It’s past the half-way point, I believe, so it’s time to finish it already.


Project with Qivuik, TBD: I have one skein, and I’d like to maximize my yardage. I have some ideas, but, they still need swatched and I’m not actually sure I’ll have enough yarn anyways…so…but it’s in my basket and I’d really like to knit with this this year!

Repair - Blue Sweater

Repair - Brown Sweater

Sweater Repair: Two store-bought sweaters that need just a little repair work to extend their life. The brown one (the color’s off in the picture) goes well with my one knit shawl, so I really need to get to this!

Sock Toe

Sock, TBD. I started a sock. Uncharacteristic, but I need socks. I’m not sure the original pattern I picked is going to work, so it kind of stalled out.

Rose Shawl to frog

Rose Shawl: Attempt number two has confirmed it–pattern + yarn do not go together. To be frogged.

Lerwick Start

Lerwick Lace Shawl: I can’t believe how long this has been around. I don’t expect to finish this year, but it would be nice to get to the halfway point of the edging (I’m at quarter now).

Right…so…given that I’ve only made a minimal amount of progress since January, what are the hopes for December?!


5 thoughts on “Goals, 2013 edition

  1. Well, given that you hadn’t taken the first step until now, and now you have, I’d say the odds are improving, at least. =)

    I find that there is often a long period of avoiding thinking about a project for me, but then once I get it all laid out in one place, things just start happening effortlessly. Fingers crossed that that’s the case for you!

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