Resolved: Knitting–and Other Things

So. It’s a New Year. A few days ago, the time to reflect on the past year, to make resolutions for the coming year. Except I don’t do resolutions. They don’t usually work.

Although, that is a lie this year. I resolved–informally, mind–to start just doing things when I think about them or when the first come up rather than putting them off until later. Four days in and it’s working splendidly. I’ve cleaned, sorted papers, finally took the car to the mechanic (check engine light was on–and okay, that bill was a bit ugly), and in general am more on top of things than I’ve been in a while.

Except for the knitting basket. Which has rather morphed into a knitting-and-repair-and-sewing-and-everything basket. And overfloweth. I mayn’t do resolutions, but I do goals, and THE knitting (and all other crafting) goal for this year is to empty out the knitting basket of everything that is currently in it, excepting the Lewrick Lace Shawl. (I’m afraid it might be unrealistic to include that, although it would be nice.)

2012 was not really a stellar year, knit-wise. I finished very little. I didn’t discover/remember/design and start a single new lace project, even though lace is my favorite knitting. I didn’t even go to the local fiber show in large part because I couldn’t see the point in buying more yarn when I haven’t touched any that I bought there the last two or three years. I barely blogged what little progress I did make. My wrist began to bother me to the point that knitting was usually uncomfortable. I considered that perhaps I should just shut this blog down and scale back on all knitting and related projects.

But. There was one project, yet-to-be-blogged about, that needed finished–by Christmas–that my mom roped me in to. Bad wrist or no, I must knit. So I  turned on a made-for-TV Christmas movie marathon (eek, there’s only two plots to those movies!) and sat and knit and knit and realized that my wrist wasn’t bothering me as much as I expected. I then realized two things 1) I think it’s something other than the knitting that’s causing my wrist pain and 2) I haven’t been knitting as much because I haven’t been knitting while watching TV or movies the way I have in the past.

I won’t say I have my knitting love back as strong yet, but my knitting interest is definitely much stronger than it has been in the last year or so. Which means I’ll be keeping the blog, and hope to get through that basket, less Lewrick, by the time this year’s local fiber show rolls around. I’m not going to limit myself to knitting, though–I think if I start adding in my other crafty interests, both to work on and on the blog, I’ll get more done and be able to resume a more regular posting schedule. Relatively speaking!

So, in the coming weeks–if anyone is still reading this!–expect a post on the contents of the knitting basket, one on that mystery Christmas knitting, and hopefully before too long some progress on projects. I’m hoping to have a great crafting year and that next year my problem won’t just be an overflowing knitting basket (new projects!) but a shortage of storage for all the completed projects.