Past Time

It’s nearly a month since the flame was extinguished at the Summer 2012 London Olympics, and I believe I’ve knit exactly once since then. It surprises me, a bit, the way I’ve let time get away from me like that. I didn’t manage to finish an entire sweater–I never really thought I would–but I did very nearly make it to the halfway point.

Ondule sweater back--nearly finished

The left (right? can’t remember…) front I believe I’ve posted already, but here is the nearly finished back. I know intellectually that there are nearly twice as many stitches as one front, but I still can’t believe how much longer it seems to be taking (lack of knitting time aside).

In some ways I’m dismayed that I’ve seemingly neglected my knitting so much–but fall is in the air. Perhaps that’s all I needed–humidity and wool don’t go well together, after all…


One thought on “Past Time

  1. If there’s one thing that time is good at, it’s slipping away unnoticed. Hopefully you’ll find your knitting desire coming back now that the weather is cooling down (I know I have)!

    The sweater really is beautiful. It’s going to be wonderful when it’s done! The backs of sweaters really do take much, much longer than they should to knit…my waving lace sweater has been dragging on endlessly, and the front panels just zipped by. Don’t know why that is. I’m thinking that it might be a lesson to keep in mind for next time, though; in future, I think I’ll knit the back first and then sail through the front!

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