First Snow

You can probably tell I’m from the northern US if I say that it doesn’t feel like it can possibly be time for Christmas if we haven’t had any snow yet. Granted, we don’t usually have an actual “White Christmas,” but there’s usually been at least a little snowfall in the weeks leading up to December 25th.

But this year we’ve seen nothing. Further west, further north, further east (even further south) they’ve had snow, but not us. Not until today. Now it finally feels like the holiday season!

Of course, to be fair, I’m not really ready for cold snowy weather this year. So it’s been fortunate that there’s been a delay. My gloves finally wore out on me at the end of last season, and the coat I bought last year desperately needs a hat to go with it. I mentioned previously that I was going to knit up a complete winter set, but so far, this is all the further I’ve gotten:


I guess it’s good that it’s a cold snowy day—the perfect excuse to curl up in a comfy chair and knit!


One thought on “First Snow

  1. We had our first snow here, too! It didn’t even last 24 hours (boo), but at least it fell! And, it was pretty while it lasted. Now, if we can just avoid having a blizzard or something on Thursday, we should make it to Boston in time for the real celebrations!

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