New Knits!

Despite my tendency towards bouts of project monogamy, I find I’ve suddenly succumbed to new projects. In a way, this is out of nowhere—I hadn’t been consciously planning on starting new projects—but really, this has been in the works for a while.

My dad has been hinting around since the tail-end of last winter that a pair of fingerless mitts would be really nice. With the arrival of chilly temps, now set in for good, I think, I’ve finally got around to doing something about it.


I had some leftover Cascade 220 Superwash in the stash in black, so earlier this week I cast on for a pair of Hot Waffles (Anne Hanson). I forget how fast DK weight knits up. Or anything with rows of fewer than 100 stitches! I’m almost finished with the first one, but I want to have my dad try it on before I get too much further. It seems a little small to me, but it might be OK. (I um, only sort of checked my gauge. I decided it was ‘close enough.’ And I didn’t have the next needle size up anyways. At least they’re fast if I have to start over!)

The next new project is actually still only in skein stage. I need mittens (or gloves). Soon. I managed to finish out the winter last year by repairing my old gloves but they’re not going to make it far this year. While I’m at it, I also need a hat to go with my relatively new winter coat (I made do last year with just a scarf). Seeing as this is all coming at once, and that it would be nice if the yarn matched, I started poking around for what might work. Anne’s Monkey Bread Hat & Scarf look so nice and cozy in the yarn she used, that I simply couldn’t resist, and better yet, there was a perfect red in stock:


As usual with reds, the color isn’t quite right; it’s actually a little darker. The yarn is Great Northern Yarns 70% Mink/30% Cashmere. Everything I’ve heard about it is positive: very warm, soft, lovely bloom, wears well. I ordered enough for a Monkey Bread Hat & Scarf, and for the mittens, I’ve decided to go with Ysolda’s Snapdragon flip-tops. Aniko on Ravelry knit hers in this yarn and they looked so nice and cozy. Plus I really like the idea of the combination of mittens (ease of knitting—all those fingers + ends is the number one reason I’m avoiding gloves) and ready access to fingers for anything fiddly.

I’m still working on Rock Island, but theses projects will probably be taking priority for the next little while. And there may be a good deal of skein petting involved. The mink/cashmere really IS soft!

2 thoughts on “New Knits!

  1. Sometimes you really need a popcorn project in between all the monogamy. (Especially when rows are upwards of 100 stitches.) It’s fun to sprinkle a few quick little projects in between, and it’s definitely the season to start stocking up on all things warm!

    That mink/cashmere looks wonderful. I’ve also heard great things about it, so it will be fun to see how you like it as it knits up.

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