Inching along

Swan Lake is complete:

DSCN9725Blocking later this week, I hope. As it turned out, I had plenty of yarn (nice change of pace from some recent projects!)

Rock Island is coming. The lace border has turned out to be a really easy pattern, essentially two rows, staggered. The yarn (Louet Mooi, although mine is branded Fibre-Isle Niji) is lovely to work with. I’m almost disappointed that it appears to no longer be availabe, if it weren’t for the price!


Of course, as soon as I took this picture, I dropped some yarn overs! The problem with knitting triangular shawls from the outside in with slipper yarn: it’s really rather easy to drop stitches right off the ends of the needles and watch them go running. Rest assured, everyone is back in their proper place and I didn’t mind in the least the chance for some extra time with this lovely yarn.


One thought on “Inching along

  1. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see the blocking pictures. A little water does such amazing things to lace. The Mooi/Niji looks nice, too. It has a great luster to it (not to mention a pretty color). I’m not usually a big fan of knitting with slippery yarns, but I can definitely see the attraction in this case!

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