Progress Updates

For the first time in a while, I have multiple lace projects that I’m working on concurrently. Three, to be exact. Yet despite the variety of projects on the needles, all at varied stages of development, nothing really looks any different than the last time I took pictures.

Aeolian perhaps comes the closest, at least if you squint at the edge a bit:


I’m almost to the final Agave chart, after which I will move on to the edging. There are so many stitches on the needle, that I may possibly be very relieved to get to the end of this–although other than the high probability of dropping stitches off the needles (something like a 150% likelihood–maybe I should consider finding a longer needle…) I’m enjoying the pattern. OK, so the really long purl-back rows may be a bit much, too.

The oldest lace, Swan Lake, with much shorter rows, should theoretically be going quicker, but I’m in a long section of a very short pattern repeat, so I get bored easily. Once I’m done with the current chart the interest will pick up again, and maybe it will return to the photographable state.

In contrast, I am quite certain that the newest lace, Rock Island, will look different soon. I’m almost finished with the edging, and once that’s done, I’ll be picking up for the center. Of course, with the large number of stitches on the needle at that point, it may look like a blob anyways. It’s my current favorite (I blame the yarn), so I’m using it as a reward for making a certain amount of progress on the other two. After all, I won’t have three new shawls/stoles/scarves for the fall if I don’t work on them!

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  1. You have been busy! With that many stitches on the needles, progress on one shawl is impressive, never mind three. Of course, the sad part about lace knitting is that it always looks about the same all the way through the knitting stage. It’s the blocking that’s the real magic. Looks like you’ll be there in no time, though!

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