More Yarn – Will Knitting Follow???

I really thought I would have more time and therefore more knitting. In fact, I’m pretty sure I told myself that any stash acquisitions would have to be balance out by finished projects, as I really don’t want to be hitting S.A.B.L.E. before I’m 30…

So yeah, that means very little on the knitting front. Which is why I haven’t been around.I’d been really optimistic about finishing Crocus by Easter, at least. But I have barely touched my knitting in the last few months–I’ve been so busy with studying (taken and passed 2 of 7 so far!) and when I haven’t been too tired to knit, my wrist has been bothering me. (Nothing serious, just a bit of a repetitive use issue, mostly sparked by excessive computer use.) However, I did finally weave in the last end of Crocus this morning…and the excitement may have transferred over in unseemly ways.

But I have lots of pretty new yarns!

This weekend is the Great Lakes Fiber Show. And as usual, I found myself there and in possession of new lovelies. I just couldn’t pass up this Sea Pearl from Briar Rose, which may very well turn into a sweater:


And while waiting in line to pay, I noticed Isabel, a merino-silk laceweight. The color was too good to just pass by.


But the colorway that really did me in was Mediterranean from Knitting Notions. Not only did I buy it in the sock weight (I’m actually contemplating knitting more socks–shocking, I know),


but I, um, bought some in the sport weight as well. (At least this was on sale…right?)


Considering that I haven’t touched the yarn I bought last year, I’ve only finished one project with yarn from two years ago, and for that matter, still have yarn from three years ago (although I’ve done much better with that year), and that none of this yarn will be turned into the hat/scarf/gloves I actually will need next winter, I may have gone a bit overboard. Sigh. I am so good with the will power when it comes to actual yarn shops/online shopping but when it comes to this particular weekend, all my restraint goes out the window!

I guess I’ll just have to start knitting again!


3 thoughts on “More Yarn – Will Knitting Follow???

  1. Well, if it’s only one weekend a year…

    And with colors like that, it would be hard to refuse. I think the only reason I manage to get out of events like that with anything like a bank balance is that I get overwhelmed with choice and can’t decide what to buy! Briar Rose is always a good bet, though. =)

    I hope you do find more time to knit. My knitting has also been a bit neglected lately (relegated to bus-only, I’m afraid). But it will come back someday, and when it does, the stash will be ready!

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