Nearly There–Again

Ribbed Pullover 90percent

Hmm…this picture looks a bit washed out, doesn’t it? I guess it just goes to show that just because it’s winter does not guarantee that all photos need to be gloomy!

More importantly, what this picture showcases is that I am nearly finished with my Braided Rib Pullover! For the second time! And this time it fits! I’ve actually made some non-photo-evident progress since I took this photo, as I wove in a number of ends, but mostly this sweater’s been sadly neglected since the first of the year. Too many other distractions, also known as Downton Abbey was simply too engaging to knit through. Among other excuses. I will however, have a finished wool sweater before spring. Maybe even by Monday morning, if I put my mind to it.

So the next question that bears thought: which WIP to finish next? My failure to post in January means my neglect of two important items 1) 2011 is the year of the Architectural Registration Exam, which means less time for anything that’s not “study” so therefore 2) 2011 is the year of finishing WIP’s. At least for a while. I’m thinking Crocus will be first–it should be speediest, and then it will be a toss-up between Aeolian and Ondule, both much too long neglected. Maybe then I’ll let myself start thinking about a brand new project. I have a very tempting stash, after all…


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  1. Oh, oh it’s lovely! You’ll be so glad to have that finished so you can wear it constantly. (Or at least that’s what I’d do…)

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