Something New

OK, I confess. Busyness isn’t the only reason the knitting’s been slow lately. I’ve been…dallying…with other projects.

Late this summer I decided it would be nice to have my Grandma, the one who taught me to knit, teach me how to quilt, that it would be a nice way to spend time with her. Seeing as she’s 89, it seemed like a project to prioritize a bit. The pattern’s been selected, the fabric purchased, most of the squares cut, and the first seams started.

I’m biased in favor of handwork, so this will be completely hand-seamed and hand-quilted. It could take a little bit of time…It’s just going to be a simple 9-patch pattern (it seemed like a good idea to stick with right angles for now) in a wall-hanging size. No need to overachieve on the first one! Now, how to fit this in with all the other projects….?


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