Evenstar, Complete


This is the first KAL I’ve actually completed. Five months late, of course…






Pattern: Evenstar Shawl
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silk Thread II, colorway “Winter Solstice
Needles: US 3 (3.25 mm) DPN & US 2 (2.75 mm) circular
Modifications: none, save the graft

If I thought it was a never-ending edging, I swear the graft was worse. I’ve had to graft knitting before–sock toes, lace edges. No biggie. Except this time my perfectionist streak kicked in, and it had to be just right.

Initially, I followed the pattern grafting instructions, which were no different than a typical Kitchener stitch. This would be perfectly fine, unless you’re the sort which notes that there’s a bit of garter stitch to either side of the graft, there’s a yarn-over pattern that’s being interrupted by the graft, etc. Which I am. I ended up working a  modified version of the instructions provided here. I re-knit the last row of the edging with a contrast thread. As it was too late to start the provisional side with a contrasting thread, I had to do my best guess for that half of the grafting. And then I made several stabs at getting it just right. The best of the bunch had a reverse stockinette ridge down the middle. Opps. It finally occurred to me that instead of holding the live stitches on round needles, I would actually be able to tell what I was doing if I pinned them all flat to the back of a dark pillow. This proved successful, and I will definitely remember it for future troublesome grafts.

Now…what next?