You'd think I'd be getting somewhere…


Looking at the picture, you’d think I’d have an almost-finished sweater, now wouldn’t you? And I did have an almost finished sweater, with nicely seemed sleeves and shoulders, only a bit of neck band to go. But it wasn’t right.

That’s where it was left off last spring. Lace was more intriguing, less frustrating, and the advent of hot summer weather discouraged sweater work at any rate. But as is bound to happen in the midst of a very long slog of knitted edging, I finally couldn’t take project monogamy any more and finally pulled the sweater out of hiding. I tried it on, eyed it critically, and determined the following.

  1. The sleeves are way too long. The pattern is designed for long sleeves, but I know they’ll just annoy me. They must be shortened.
  2. The v-neck is lower than I would like it. Way lower. Much lower than shown in the pattern pictures. My row gauge probably doesn’t match the pattern’s (I generally only focus on stitch gauge). I considered just shortening the sweater and raising the neck by removing the top portion of the shoulder bits but a)this would probably make the sleeves not fit in properly and b) see next…
  3. I think this would look better just a tad bit longer. Right now the sweater’s doing that bad ‘hit at the widest part of the hips thing,’ and I think overall a little more length would both add to the drapey feel of the pattern and maybe just plain look better.

So I did the only logical thing–I switched from knitting unending lace edging to removing seams. Which may have been more time-consuming than sewing them in the first place. I had already woven in the ends, and they proved nearly impossible to find. But now it’s apart, and I can begin to rip. I need to do some math first to determine how far to rip back for both sleeves and body, the new increase rate for the sleeves, and how to adjust the cable traveling rate to keep the v-neck centered on the body. I may be ripping quite a bit (especially since I’d like to add length). I also have to go digging for my spare yarn. I believe I still have two untouched balls (I hope), plus the partial still attached to the neck band. This project could prove the big fall challenge, but I’ve decided it’s the next ‘monogamous’ project.

As for the current one…that never-ending edging? Well, there’s some good news. For some not-so-great reasons, flex time has ceased at work. Previously I worked 8-1/2 days Monday-Thursday so I could get out early on Fridays. Now we’re all required to work 8-5, Monday-Friday. I’m still getting up at the same time however, so I’ve had an extra 1/2 hour in the mornings. After going months where, at best, I knit for a few hours on the weekend, I’m suddenly knitting every day again. It’s just enough that I can get a bit of edging done (usually most of a repeat) each day without losing my mind at the dullness of repetition. I’ll be ready for blocking sooner than I expected!

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  1. Oh, I’m sorry you have to pull back! It is such a beautiful sweater, though. You will be so glad that you made sure to get it right. =)

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