Bad Blogger….

While on the one hand this summer seems to be flying (when did it get to be the middle of August already?), on the other, it feels as if it will.never.end. By which I mean of course, that it has been entirely too hot for my liking, by which I really mean, that it has been too hot to sleep at night. (Or in the day for that matter, but since daytime sleeping isn’t really an option anyway…)

There’ve even been times when it’s been on the hot side for knitting, even knitting with silk laceweight. Sigh. Given how stressful work’s been this summer (Deadlines! Deadlines! More deadlines!) it would be nice to be able to pick up some cashmere and let it work through my fingers…oh for fall weather…

Of course, the weather’s not been my only reason  for going nearly two weeks without knitting. Apparently it’s as easy to join a readalong as a knitalong, apparently I’m better at the former, and apparently Dante’s Purgatorio can really suck up a weekend if you put it off until the last minute. Oops.

This weekend went a little better, though. Despite the heat, I managed to find a cool enough spot to add some more edging to Evenstar. This is where I have to confess to my blogging sins. I had started the edging before my temporary abandonment of my knitting, and since the edging would be a perfect spot to share a new picture (aka you can actually see progress rather than just a blob), I really could have shared this two weeks ago. But I was a bad blogger and never got around to taking pictures.


I’ve managed to make it almost 1/3 of the way around. It takes about 30 minutes to finish a repeat, and unfortunately there are still 36 left, so I’ve got a ways to go. I really like the edging pattern though, and it’s perfect for TV knitting, however, so I won’t begrudge it. I’m really glad I took an uncharacteristic knitting step though: I threaded a lifeline around the shawl before I started the edging. Considering the number of times the stitches have slid off the needle, this has been a lifesaver. (Note: I probably should have used a longer circular to fit all those stitches so they might actually have a chance of staying on the needles, but I usually just force the stitches closer together. When I’m not knitting with silk it’s not so much of a problem.)

Here’s hoping work improves, the weather cools, and I finish this before Christmas. I am starting to want a different knit to work on…

One thought on “Bad Blogger….

  1. Oh, it’s beautiful! Can’t wait to see it all stretched out. I completely, completely understand the heat, the reading, and the lack of blog pictures. Guilty on all counts. =)
    Enjoy your reading, and just think…fall is only a few weeks away!

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