lazy summer

In some ways this has been a very lazy summer, and in others not so much. Work has been busy—crazy busy—but we’ve been on an overtime ban (lots of work, momentarily short on cash) so I can’t really use work as an excuse for not getting more done. Except, we’re packing so much into our days, and several weeks have been like the past—early week deadline, met with late nights to finish and avoiding overtime by getting out early on Fridays—that a lot of the time I’ve just felt drained in the evenings. And  on the weekends for that matter. Thus, not a lot’s been done in general this summer, and I’m feeling kind of lazy.

Sometimes lazy translates into more knitting, especially on weekends when I can put on a movie or a few episodes of a TV show and just knit away, careless of the world. Other times, lazy means more reading. (I’ve unfortunately missed the whole idea of easy summer reading though: I just finished Dante’s Inferno, not exactly “light” but excellent nonetheless.) Unfortunately for the blog, when I have been knitting, it’s been monogamous, and I’m pretty sure I chose a never-ending project.


Evenstar is coming along, slowly (there are currently 672 or so stitches per row, sigh). It mostly resembles a big silver blob, but I’m beginning to see progress. Not only does it seem endless, however, but I feel like I have a never-ending skein. I was sure that I would run out of the first skein round about the end of clue 4, but I’m beginning to think I’m going to make it to the end of clue 5. One positive about the longevity of the project: the lightweight silk is near perfect for hot summer knitting, certainly much better than say, a heavy wool sweater. Very important this week, as we had the unfortunate combination of the first stretch of multiple-day +90° (F) weather in several years and a broken air-conditioner. (Working late this week was actually appealing for once, incidentally.)

My slowed knitting pace of late combined with a good review of my stash led me to decide this spring that after the Great Lakes Fiber Show no more yarn buying for the year. Well. Best-laid plans and all.

What happened is this: one of my local yarn stores (the newer one) is going out of business. (No indication as to why.) Which means yarn sale. And since she has some nice laceweights, well…

I’ve been eying this bamboo laceweight for a while, as I love the color, and it’s finer than most I come across in person, so…three small cones of SWTC Xie 100% bamboo followed me home.


Then there’s this lovely silk (Claudia Hand Painted), which I’ve noticed in the past, but as I had no set purpose for it, I set it aside. Not so this time.


Finally, the luxury item. I bought some Niji (aka Mooi from Louet, but this is actually labeled as Niji) this past winter, when I had a gift card to spend. I haven’t used it yet, but it’s lovely to pet. I wouldn’t ordinarily buy yarn with such a high cost to yardage ratio, but…it was on sale, and I’ve heard such good things about it, and I’m not likely to ever get such a good price again, and… OK, so apparently I’m really good at knitterly rationalizations.


Rationalizations aside, the end result is more yarn I don’t have time to knit. I think this time I’d really better keep that pledge not to buy any more yarn!

2 thoughts on “lazy summer

  1. Oh, I understand being fried from work! That’s why it’s been all stockinette all the time lately. I’m impressed that you’re still making progress on the lace, even if it feels slow.

    Just think of all the lovely yarn you’ll have stocked up when you next sit down to knit in earnest. I keep telling myself that there will be a day, eventually. =)

  2. You are going to love the Claudia silk….it’s one of my all-time favorites!

    I’m in a summer resting phase of my own – all reading and super-simple knitting lately. I have many, many complex patterns planned…but right now I just can’t get excited about any of them.

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