not much going on

I’ve been knitting, really I have, but it’s just not happening that quickly. Everything seems to be a bit in the “blob” stage. I do like the way the purple and silver complement each other in the knitting basket, however.


One slightly more productive venture I’ve been on lately is bread baking. I’ve always enjoyed baking bread. A year or two ago I started baking bread for breakfast. It got less fun—the feeling of obligation, that I had to bake bread now if I wanted it for breakfast. That is, it was less fun until I received a copy of Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I won’t say that it’s actually all that much faster in total to make the breads in this book (the recipe I was using before mixed up pretty fast, didn’t require kneading and made multiple loaves), but the ability to spread out the mixing from the baking over multiple days tricks my mind into thinking it’s less of a chore. Then of course, there’s the variety. Almost all (maybe all, I haven’t read every recipe) of the breads use whole wheat, but there’s so many variations: whole wheat loaf, rye bread, challah, strudel. And my personal favorite: cinnamon-raisin. Actually, I found that on the web site, here. It’s actually easier to make than I expected.

After the bread has been mixed up, allowed to rise and then chilled overnight (optional, but so much easier to work with), I roll out a piece to a nice rectangle and cover it with cinnamon, sugar, and raisins.


Next, it gets all rolled up and set in a bread pan.


After a second rising, it gets baked and comes out in a nice cinnamony-raisiny loaf.


Here I have to confess my inability to quite perfectly follow baking directions: there’s supposed to be an egg wash on top before it bakes (to give a nice crust). I don’t bother. Regardless, it’s quite yummy toasted with a little bit of butter. It’s always nice to have a little homemade start to the day!