a little more spring!

I looked at my knitting two nights ago and realized that I haven’t exactly done all that much knitting recently. Somehow, I’ve been distracted from it, but searching through my memory, I can’t recall that I’ve done much else of consequence in the interim. Seemingly, I’ve managed to lose time. Sigh.

I did however, also realize that I haven’t done a very good job of sharing my progress lately, which means, lack of knitting aside, I do have something I can share.


I continue to be behind on Evenstar (admittedly, starting a new project did nothing to improve the situation), but it has come along nicely regardless. If I could just persuade myself to stop dropping yarn-overs, I’d be set.



Crocus Pocus is also flowing nicely (with only one missed yarn-over!). I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned, but the Knitting Notions yarn is lovely to knit with. Despite the bamboo content, it is quite springy and squishy. I’m quite excited by the thought that I have quite a few more skeins of Catherine’s yarns in my stash!

One thing that I do know has kept me from my knitting is an increase in my reading habit. This has happened at such a pace, that I’ve finally decided to expand my horizons and begin another blog, dedicated more to my literary interests. What remains to be seen is if I will be more consistent there than I have been here. I promise, however, to continue my knitting adventures. After all, I certainly would not wish to be consumed by the ever-expanding stash!


One thought on “continuings

  1. Evenstar is lovely! And I know exactly what you mean about losing time. I don’t know where it gets to, but it’s certain that it goes.

    Good luck with the new blog, and yay for new reading adventures!

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