a little delayed

Let’s see, the Olympics have been over a good 10 days now, and I’ve yet to post my final progress…I think that really sums it up!

This is actually a pretty good (by pretty good I mean shows the whole thing in its bumpy, compressed glory–not that it reveals the pattern or anything) picture of my progress to date.

And a close-up:


There are several reasons why I didn’t finish by the (self-imposed) goal:

  1. A head cold at the start of the Olympics severely hampered my initial progress.
  2. Indecision. Was 12 repeats of the Yucca Chart enough? If I measure down the center and add 30%…or maybe I should just stretch and measure…or maybe…?
  3. Answer: 12 repeats definitely not enough for my goal size (super-big). Let’s make it 16.
  4. The purl-back rows are really looooong.  And slightly boring.
  5. Well, I was watching the Olympics, now wasn’t I?
  6. And finally, I really didn’t have enough time to knit a shawl this big (unless I took off a lot of work).

I didn’t really expect going into this (realistically) to finish, so I can’t say I was too disappointed. On the contrary, I’m thrilled to have as much of this much-delayed shawl finished as I do (initially planned as a Fall ’09 project). As of this moment, I’ve finished the (16) Yucca repeats and the transition chart. Bring on the Agave!

Or not…I may have started something else last weekend…

To Be Continued….


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