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It shouldn’t be a surprise that my thoughts have been directed in anticipation of the Winter Olympics lately. And not just because of the advertising, the sports news, or even the snow. (Admittedly, the snow in our neck of the woods hasn’t been near the hassle that Baltimore or D.C. have had. Not only have we had less, we’re a little bit more used to it.) Nope. Totally because of the Knitting Olympics/Ravelympics.

Yes, I’ve decided to participate. I’ll be watching the Olympics and knitting anyway. No, I probably won’t make my goal. I have a pretty strong history of underestimating time required for any such commitment. If I were smart, I’d choose one of the WIP categories and finish one of my growing pile of starts. For example, this one.


Bet you didn’t even know I’d started another sweater… (And no, the blue one isn’t finished. It’s mostly seamed. I’m just not completely satisfied with the fit and haven’t motivated myself to undo the shoulders and rip back to correct it. It’s mostly tearing out the seams that I’m avoiding.)

The new sweater is Ondulé, from Knitspot. I’ve had the yarn, Legend from Briar Rose for over a year, and had been waffling over which sweater to make when Anne released this pattern, which is perfect for the slight variegation of the the yarn. It’s an easy knit, perfect for TV viewing, but I’m not going to knit it during the Olympics either.

Nope. We have to be difficult. We have to go for something new. And big. And challenging.

Namely, after saying for months that I was going to knit an Aeolian, I’m finally going to do it. I have the gauge swatch finished. I know the needle size (impossibly small, of course). The yarn
(Briar Rose Angel Face) is wound. The pattern is printed. Bring on the Opening Ceremonies!



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