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A year or so ago, while participating in one of the Seasons of Lace seasons, I won some stitch markers from The Woolly Seashell (recent name change to Prolonged Sunlight). I had steered clear of decorative stitch markers previously as I was afraid of snagging my (usually lace) knitting. However, the new markers were so charming, I was converted.

A recent post by Anne about a different stitch marker maker (say that five times fast!) reminded me that it would be nice to have some more…





From the top: Green Meanies and Red Tide Stitch Markers from the Woolly Seashell.  Lapis & Crystal and Amethyst and Flourite on a Helpful Heart from Hearts of Gratitude. I’d actually only ordered the Lapis & Crystal from Hearts of Gratitude, but they were promoting the new Helpful Heart, so they sent those and with the Amethyst as well, wasn’t that nice! I was pleased by the service from both stores; they both sent out my orders the day after I placed them, and they were both charmingly packaged. This is one of the things I really like about the knitting world – there seem to be so many small vendors of various knitting related products, and in my experience, they all seem to have such good customer service. (More surprising – despite coming from two different directions, the US Postal Service managed to deliver them both the same day!)


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  1. How pretty! It took me a long time to get a set of decorative stitch markers (or rather, to make my own), but I love them! Your post is reminding me that I have some beading supplies in the other room just waiting to become knitting baubles.

    I think the turquoise ones are my favorite, and I really like the idea of a simple wire clip to hold the markers when not in use. Hmmm…

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