winter wrap

Photos a bit delayed, but I think I finally have my act together!




Pattern: Hemlock Ring Blanket

Yarn: Cascade Eco Wool

Needle: US 10-1/2 (6.5 mm) – a shocker – I didn’t have to drop my customary 2-3 needle sizes!

Modifications: none really, other than I kept knitting until I ran out of wool

I can’t believe how light this seem post-blocking. It’s bulky wool…but that whole lace/blocking combo strikes again, making the blanket seem lighter than it should. I couldn’t believe how much it grew either, but I don’t think I really stretched it all that much, just to flatten it out (a bit – it seems to have retained a bit of pleasing bumpiness). All-in-all an enjoyable project.


One thought on “winter wrap

  1. Oh, it’s beautiful! It also has me thinking…how much eco wool does it take? I just un-designated a few balls in the stash…
    Enjoy wrapping up and being warm. =)

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