a tease


It’s only fitting that I’ve recently finished my warmest lace to date as its been quite cold–and snowy–recently. Not as cold as in the central part of the country (thank goodness!) but cold enough, that I’ve wanted just an extra bit of warmth. I’ve actually had my Hemlock Ring finished for well over a week, and have used it in its cozily unblocked state (as a lap blanket, of course) but only just this weekend did I manage to pin it out. (It’s drying as I type.)

This weekend also had a remarkable occurrence: Sun! Two days in a row! It seems like we’ve had at least a light new coating of snow every day since Christmas, plus two major storms. I am quite thoroughly weary of the gray gloom of overcast and threatening skies, of scraping the snow and ice off of my car, and of worrying about whether or not I’m going to skid out when I turn out of the driveway. Sun is a welcome relief indeed. Unfortunately, the temperatures are still frigid, but seeing sun and patches of blue sky brightened the whole weekend–and provided the needed motivation to block the blanket. It also provided an opportunity to snatch some pre-blocking shots. Here’s a little taste; hopefully there will be sun later in the week for the post-blocking photos.