it's time for a little imagination

Well, I”ve been away from the blog for a little longer than I expected, what with Seasons of Lace upon us, which I fully expected to inspire me to knit, knit, knit. Or to be more precise, I’ve been knitting much less than I expected. Somehow, I seem to have gotten out of the habit of daily knitting. I think part of it is that I’m watching less T.V. that I have in the past, and T.V. watching has been some of my prime knitting time. On the other hand, I’m reading a lot more than I have for quite some time! I finally got around to starting Frankenstein this fall (I’ve been meaning to do that for years). I’m not quite finished, but I fully expect to be able to check that off the list soon. Unfortunately Frankenstein and lace do not mesh too well. (Also unfortunately, Frankenstein is a verrrrry slow read. And I’m really annoyed with the character of Victor Frankenstein who I find to be either very naive or very foolish. I don’t think I’d put this on a list of ‘must-read’ classics.)

The other side of the coin, is that the knitting I have been doing isn’t exactly exciting blog fodder. Picture a big lumpy mess of brown. Circular knitting does not photograph well, at least not until post-blocking. Sigh. The blue sweater is almost done – I need to block it, set the sleeves in, and some miscellaneous finishing – but is at that stage where, really, it looks the same as it has. Therefore, no pictures today. Just picture more of the same blue pieces….

Since I’m starting to wind a couple projects down, I’m starting to think about what’s next. I still haven’t started the Aeolian shawl which I meant to start earlier this fall. That’s mostly due to not have a spare needle in the right size. (Clearly, I have too many projects on the needles. Or do all my knitting on the same tiny needle. I may need to expand my horizons.) I’d also like to have sweater project after I finish the Braided Pullover. I have some Briar Rose Legend in my stash that I think will be perfect for Ondulé, if I can ever manage to get gauge. (Sigh. Based on last night’s swatch, I think I’ll have to use a US 1 (2.25 mm).) Of course this all assumes I don’t decide to go ahead and just knit something out of the latest issue of Twist. I particularly like Ormolu and Kelmscott. So many choices, so little time!


2 thoughts on “it's time for a little imagination

  1. I do that too, sometimes. I’ll get into a book-reading phase, and then suddenly realize that I haven’t knit in a week. It comes back eventually, though, and it’s nice to change things up once in a while. =)

    Sounds like there are lots of projects going in the background…that should make for good blog fodder soon. Enjoy Frankenstein!

  2. I’ve been reading a lot more just lately too…This time of year is often rubbish for TV.
    Love the new look for the site, and your sweater is looking lovely…might inspire me to finish mine!


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