Unexpected lace

So I had all these grand plans for my fall lace knitting – WIP’s to continue (or finish) and new autumn-toned shawls to begin. I can honestly say that my plans haven’t exactly fallen apart…but they have been pushed aside by one tiny little detail. Autumn means chilly weather. And chilly might have been manageable in sticking to my knitting plans, right up until about five minutes after church began this past Sunday. The boiler was out. The church was unheated. And I knew with every ounce of my soul that cobweb weight silk/cashmere blend was not going to cut it. (Never mind that my nice little knitting corner is quite warm and toasty. We don’t think about such rational things when our toes are turning to ice.)


It was thus that I found myself quite unexpectedly casting on for the Hemlock Ring Blanket. I happened to have some Cascade Eco-Wool in the stash (which was really destined for another project, which has now been scuttled) and the appropriate sized DPNs, so I cast on without swatching. Several times as a matter of fact, but I really don’t let the fact that I can’t do a circular cast on without dropping at least one of the needles two or three times bother me. It’s inevitable, so I leave it be. I think it’s doubled in size since I took this picture, so I’m hoping for a quick fall knit. So I can get back on track with my actual fall knitting…

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2 thoughts on “Unexpected lace

  1. The unexpected projects are often the best ones. I love the Hemlock blanket! And that yarn is beautiful. Mmm…to be curled up under a warm wool blanket while knitting sounds like just the antidote for frozen toes. =)

  2. I Love unexpected projects! And if it makes you feel any better, my own lace plans have recently gone by the wayside for warmer, woolier things too. With the fall weather I’ve had a huge craving for rustic, heavy wools and garter stitch…

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