the best of intentions…

I had the best of intentions to write at least one post while on vacation. It’s not like I had too many pressing tasks to get in the way….

Well, except for the knitting of course! I finally finished the Artichaut for Chris of Briar Rose Fibers, and went to Anne’s for a little blocking party. If you visit Anne’s site, you’ve already seen these pictures – they’re hers. (I hope she doesn’t mind me posting them  – I wasn’t able to get any myself as it was dark by the time we finished blocking.)

Artichaut Blocked

Artichaut detail

Pattern: Artichaut, from Summer 2009 Twist Collective
Yarn: Briar Rose Angel Face, 100% alpaca laceweight, colorway “Artichaut”
Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm)
Verdict: I rather enjoyed this pattern, and I still can’t get over how much the alpaca stretched on blocking (over 30%). It seemed really small on the needles (I knit the petite size), but blocked out a tiny bit bigger than the pattern states. The yarn was also lovely the knit with – so far, the nicest alpaca I’ve used. This is one of Anne’s more difficult patterns, as there are increases and decreases on both right- and wrong-side rows, but with some extra stitch markers between repeats (OK, I admit it – I was too lazy to count), I didn’t really have any trouble. Other than my annoying tendency to pull the needles out of the knitting when I picked it up! Sigh…

I also spent quite a bit of time working on my Lerwick shawl, but I don’t have any updated pictures. Think more of the same. It could be quite unexciting for a while. And finally, I finished up some simple afghan squares.


A while back, I stumbled across a group on Ravelry which knits afghan square which are then sent to a Louisiana-based woman who assembles them into afghans for the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. It’s one of the (if not the) poorest spots in the country, and afghans are always in need. There was a little inner-group competition in June for more squares – I managed to finish (8) 6″ square to add to the total. Half were knit on the bias, and half were mitered squares. I plan to keep knitting more as I have time – especially since I discovered that knitting these goes along really well with reading – I just use a strategically placed stitch marker to remind me that it’s an increase or decrease row.

I’m thinking I need to find another good summer knitting project – there are times when the really fine lace of Lerwick is a little too fine – especially late at night. I keep pawing through my stash and my patterns, but haven’t quite found a match yet. There may be a trip to the yarn store in my future…!

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  1. Artichaut is beautiful! Sounds like a great vacation. Why is it that it’s so hard to post in our “free” time? My vacation blogging plans always seems to go awry. Good luck finding a new project!

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