too many choices…

The knitting has been pretty unexciting around here lately. At least, to me that is. I think I’ve managed to find one of those black holes of knitting wherein no matter how many rows–or pattern repeats–one knits, the project doesn’t get any bigger. I’m not even working on a circular shawl, or a garter-stitch scarf!  Yet I keep pressing on, primarily, I think, because I know I need to finish it and so I tell myself “just two more rows and then you can work on something else,” by which point it’s too late to move to something else. Note: although the length of said knitting is not (apparently) growing, the length of each row is.

Of course, the other reason I keep working on this little miscreant is that I’m not sure what I’m doing next. That is, I’ve picked a pattern. I’ve picked the yarn. I just haven’t been able to decide on the needle size. You see my quandary. Ahem. This doesn’t even relate to my typical “gauge issues.” It’s lace. Rectangular lace. Gauge is almost an afterthought consideration here. I just couldn’t decide which swatch I liked the best.


It took me three weeks to decide that I really did like the middle one the best (and only after swatching a bit of the center pattern). I’m choosing to blame stress at work.

At any rate, I expect this to be my summer project. And possibly fall as well… The specs:

I’m planning on (mostly) following the traditional option of  knit the edging first, then the borders, then the center. However, instead of all the sewing called for by the pattern, I intend to knit the center to the borders as I go. Another knitter on Ravelry used this plan, with lovely results. Now that I’ve finally decided on a needle size, I can’t wait to get started!

Which means, it’s probably about time for another project to pop up. After all, I haven’t had a good rash of startitis in quite a while. There are also many lovely yarns looking longingly at me, just waiting to be knit–some have even been assigned patterns, so danger is eminent. To compound matters, the Great Lakes Fiber Show is this weekend. I expect to do some damage…after all, Briar Rose Fibers and Knitting Notions will be there, and I bought more than enough from them both last year! (In fact, most of it is still sitting around. Although some has been used.) I’m hoping, however, to find some yarns for some of Susan Pandorf’s Gardern Variety Patterns, which are the latest addition to my growing pattern stash. I think I’m going to have quite more than enough to choose from to knit this summer!

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets hung up on little things. I like the middle swatch best, too. Glad you’re up and running!

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