another month, another post…

I do seem to be on the one-post-a-month scheme, don’t I? Although this time my knitting itself is partially to blame – I somehow managed to find relative project monogamy and, well, Girasole pretty much looks like a big blob for the majority of its lifespan as a WIP. A big red blob in my case. Not extremely bloggable, that. However….


….it’s almost finished. When I took this picture (which turned out fortunate timing – the weather since has been bleak and dreary) I still had a bit of the edging left. It was one of those never-ending edgings – an all-knit based, simple 6-row repeat that, while right for the shawl was just a little to monotonous. It seemed like I would never get to the end, and then, all of a sudden, it was done. All that remains are a little bit of grafting on the edge, the weaving in of ends and a good blocking.

I’ve decided that, given the arrival of spring I really don’t feel like working on sweaters at the moment. So they’re in time-out – not for bad behavior on their part, I suppose more because I’m behaving badly! I’m expecting it to be all-lace-all-the-time for a while around here…maybe around September I’ll be hankering for a bit of sweater knitting again.

In other news, we’ve certainly had our share of April showers lately…more gloom than sunshine, I do believe.

Spring Beauties

But I think these more than make up for it. (And it’s supposed to be a lovely weekend!)

3 thoughts on “another month, another post…

  1. Beautiful pictures! Allergies or no, Spring flowers are gorgeous.

    Oh, and yeah, so is the shawl (grin). Gorgeous.

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