Happy Spring!

I can’t believe how quickly winter’s come and gone. Although, given the quantities of ice and snow I had to drive over this year (leading to a vow to never again park at the bottom of the drive/bottom of the hill when the forecast is for snow…), I’m quite sure that at some point I thought winter would never end. But it’s been mostly sunny and warmer for the last week or so (amazing how cheerful that can make you) and the crocus have been blooming. Maybe it’s all the nice weather, maybe they’re just multiplying, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in such abundance.


Of course, all this sunniness means I no longer have any excuses for not getting any pictures taken. This has been finished for several weeks, but it took awhile to get around to blocking and photographing.



(More pictures on Ravelry.)
Pattern: Alhambra, by Anne Hanson
Yarn: The Alpaca Yarn Co. Suri Elegance (Colorway, Blue Blood Red)

I’m glad I stuck it out on this one, the blocking really worked wonders with the Alpaca. I just love the geometry of the piece too (which is what drew the pattern to me in the first place). Guess I’ll have to find another project to avoid now…


4 thoughts on “Happy Spring!

  1. That’s a lot of crocuses! Can’t blame them for being happy that it’s spring, though. It did come fast, didn’t it?

    I love the scarf; it really did block well. It almost looks like it’s two interlocking pieces rather than just one. And it looks light enough to be just in time for spring!

  2. That scarf is stunning, I admire anyone who has the patience for lace….wonderful. Beautiful crocusses too…or is that croci?

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