Spring Bee

Knitting has  been a little sparse around here lately.  Primarily, I blame a second cold, hard on the heels of the first, which wiped me out unacceptably – it took away my will to knit.  Secondarily, I can also blame it on a certain lack of excitement in my WIP pile.  There was the unseamable sweater, the bland mitts (not yet blogged), and the pile-o’-gauge-issues.  None of which were exactly appealing in a less than whole state of mind.  Of course, there was also Bee Fields…which was (mostly) finished in the first days of the cold.  Meaning, of course that I no longer had that more entertaining option.  I finally blocked the shawl over the weekend, and after much delay, have something to report.





Winter continues to whip its foul winds and smother us in blankets of snow, but the greens of Bee speak of spring, new life, new growth.

Pattern: Bee Fields by Anne Hanson

Yarn: Wooly Wonka Fibers Merino laceweight (colorway Tupelo Gold)

Needle: US 3 (3.25 mm)