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I had high hopes that my never-ending sweater (which would only be never-ending because I…um…don’t work on it) would be finished by now.  I was going to spend an afternoon and seam it all up.  First FO of 2009, nice ‘n easy.  Right.  It’s black.  The stitch pattern isn’t very clear to read (especially in black).  I seam a sleeve – and end up with an extra inch on one side.  Every. Single. Time.  The sweater is in time-out.  At least until I see some sun again and can maybe see to seam the thing!  Given the weather forecast, that could be awhile.  (Of course, given the forecast, it would be nice to have the sweater to wear, but I guess I’ll have to manage with the “old” ones.)

So I’ve primarily exclusively been knitting on my bee shawl.  I’ve been slowed down since the holidays by a double whammy of going back to work and a nasty cold (better now, thank you).  I have made progress, but nothing really blog-worthy.  (Although, Bee is currently front-runner for first FO of the year.)  Fortunately, I still have a little project I haven’t yet shared.  In the midst of the holidays, while awaiting the arrival of the relatives-who-gave-me-the-cold (not bitter or anything), I cast on for one of Anne’s “little nothings.”


This would be the first two repeats of Alhambra, which, visually is my absolute favorite of the “little nothings”.  I just love the geometry of the piece.  So far it’s a fun knit, too.  I’m using Suri Elegance from the Alpaca Yarn Company, which is probably the finest yarn I’ve knit with (without doubling) so far.  I keep wavering on if it is too loose, but looking at my pictures, I think it might be okay.  I reserve the right to change my mind, though!  The pattern does appear better when I spread it out a little.


I think blocking will do wonders for this.  Hmm…maybe I need to skip the Bee and finish this first – it’s certainly a bright burst of color for a drab winter day!


4 thoughts on “just a little something

  1. I hate it when seaming refuses to cooperate. Hopefully a little break and some sun will help! Alhambra is very pretty; I like it at this weight. It will be light and airy when you’re finished…a real “little nothing.” Sounds like that’s just what you need after this sweater!

  2. Ooooh, those never ending sweaters;o) I think most of us have one (several!!) of them… Never mind, it gave you a reason to start more beautiful lacework.

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