’tis the season…

…for lousy winter photographs.  Although, we had a rare winter day of sun, so I tried to squeeze in some update pic’s



The Christmas knitting is coming along swimmingly…or at least it is when I forget that I have less than four knitting days left!  Whenever I actually pause to look at the calendar or think about what day it is, I go into a tailspin of panic.  Just how much sleep can I deprive myself of and still be functional at work this week…?

I did manage to add another repeat since I took these pictures (and the sun set and the cold front moved in…).  However…I have three full workdays ahead and these rows keep getting longer and I still have other presents to wrap.  This could be a bit of a challenge.  Why did I do this to myself, again?

I also finally managed to get a picture of my new shawl pin, from Nicolas and Felice.


I bought this a few weeks back after seeing Anne’s lovely new pin. I’d blame her for mine, but she was gifted hers, so I guess I can’t say too much. Well, that and not only is it really pretty, but it works really well!  I also have some pictures from a Christmas adventure from yesterday, but I think I’ll share later…after all, I need to get back to work!


3 thoughts on “’tis the season…

  1. What a fantastic shawl pin and the pink shade of yarn is glorious! What a burst of colour against the drabness of winter…

    Your shawl project looks stunning! Can’t wait to see it when its completed and blocked.

    Have a wonderful festive season and best wishes for health and happiness in 2009

  2. I’m glad you managed to finish the shawl in time, and hopefully without too much loss of sleep. It’s funny, but I think we might have the same shawl pin now. I love their artwork. =)

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